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Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3


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Gameplay Controls

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Control Pad Left/Right = Move, Up = Enter doors, Up + A = Enter overhead pipes, Down = Duck, Down = Enter pipes underfoot, Up/Down = Scroll around screen
A Button Jump, press and hold to float in the air briefly. Ground Pound, while in the air, press Down + A to pound the ground.
B Button Stick Tongue Out (Eat), press Up to aim up. After grabbing an enemy, Make Eggs by pressing Down to lay an egg. Spit Out the enemy by pressing B again. Special Attack, if Yoshi has grabbed a watermelon, he can do a Special Attack.
L Button Lock Cursor. Press to lock the aiming cursor when throwing eggs (press a second time to unlock cursor).
R Button Throw Eggs. Press once to activate the aiming cursor (press down to deactivate the aiming cursor). Press a second time to throw an egg. Release the R Button to throw an egg.
Start/Pause Pause the game and view the pause screen. Select = View the status screen.