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Very Challenging, But Fun

posted by chipmunk (CENTEREACH, NY) Aug 28, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

The graphics are very exotic in this game. Switching between babies is fun to get through obstacles and it can be very fun ... until world 3. These levels are too long and the obstacles are TOO challenging. This game is great for a rent. If you really like the Yoshi series and you have a lot of experience you should by it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

If you like mario get this

posted by huktongamz (ENTERPRISE, AL) Apr 17, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

it plays just like the old Yoshis island but with way cooler graphics, mini games, hidden areas, and different characters. The levels are lucious with lots of cool things and places to go. For those of you who said this game reaks you must not like the Mario series. For those of you who said that this other company that made it didn't do a good job and are in question of why nintendo didn't just do it themselves, The games KILLER, you can't tell they didn't make it, and do you REALLY think Nintendo would let another company make a sequel to Yoshi's island or any Mario game at that without making sure it was totally beyond being up to par????? Come on people it's a Mario game for crying out loud!!!! It Rules. For those of you who said it's just for little kids, hahaha, Im 25 years old and Im still playing Mario and loving it!!! The Mario franchise has sole over 93 Million copies of theyre games and that puts them at the top for any franchise game ever sold by millions so you can't go wrong here trust me. Rent it and see for yourself. Long levels, tons of fun, enough replay to keep ya going for a bit as well. one thing though if your looking for something that utilizes the touch screen this does nothing in Yoshi's island DS except the menu screens and options/adjustments. However it does use the Dual Screens very well making the environment twice as big as it would be!! If you like Mario World, or Yoshi's Island (Original SNES) You'll love Yoshi's Island DS!!!!

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Is this a girls game?

posted by GAMEGUY27 (BOWIE, MD) Apr 10, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

Could somebody please answer my question because I have it and i'm a boy.So should I keep it or not?

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