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Sound is the only thing that is lacking.

posted by seantyler (DORCHESTER CENTER, MA) Dec 23, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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Yoshi's Island DS's gameplay is fundamentally the same as the previous game. The player guides various different coloured Yoshis through side scrolling stages[6] in "get from A to B" fashion. To this end, Yoshi is able to jump and hover for a short time, eat enemies and turn them into eggs (which can then be thrown to hit switches or defeat distant enemies) and pound the ground (to say, smash crates). Some stages offer Yoshi the ability to morph into vehicles for a short time. DS differs from many platforming games in that Yoshi does not have a life bar. When Yoshi is hit, the baby he is carrying falls of his back and Yoshi must retrieve him/her before a timer runs out.
DS differs from the previous game in that five babies are available for Yoshi to carry, each bestowing a different ability. Baby Mario allows Yoshi to dash and makes special 'M' blocks appear, Baby Peach allows Yoshi to float and fly on wind currents, Baby DK can grab and swing on vines and ropes, Baby Wario uses his magnet to attract metal objects and Baby Bowser spits fireballs. The need to switch babies at key points adds a puzzle element to the game.

I was particularly pleased with how the core gameplay elements are the same as in the previous game. However the aiming system is still bothersome which relies entirely on time and locking the aiming. The sound is a little tingy. I felt as though the original SNES/GBA counterpart was much more solid with stronger sounds that better reflected the Yoshi I came to know and love. Overall you'll love the game. It's worth keeping to beat but not owning unless you're set on getting 100's on every level and getting all the minigames.

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Above Average

Yoshi's Island DS

posted by DMH4321 (DOUGLAS, WY) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

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Not my type, but there are tons and tons of people who would absolutely love it. I like it a bit more complex, but there are good points to it. For example, I like challenge, and while it is not like my favorite games, it is challenging enough. Also, it has a bit of a cute aspect to it, what with the babies and all. Finally, it has a good storyline, which sets it apart from the boring generes. (The graphics could improve, though.)

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Very Good

Eleven Years Later...

posted by SmartBombs (DECATUR, AL) Dec 7, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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(Review from w w o m)

The original Yoshi's Island for the SNES was easily one of the greatest platformers ever made; no, rather, it was one of the greatest games ever made. It is important to keep in mind that Yoshi's Island DS is not up to the same hallmark of standards, but it is a high-quality piece of entertainment. Developer Artoon (the folks responsible for the less-than stellar Blinx games on the XBOX) sticks close to the mold of its predecessor, perhaps to a fault. There's a few fresh ideas here, like swapping out babies to gain different abilities (although the babies are heavily unbalanced). The double-screened level designs are pretty cool sometimes, but the infamous blind gap between the two screens causes its share of headaches. Boss battles, however, are a blast. There are a couple of weak fights, but most are clever, challenging, and just plain fun. They all retain the signature quirky art style of the franchise, and each has a nifty mechanic thrown in to keep things spicy, like a perpetual fall battle with an obese bird. Yoshi's Island DS does fall short of the original, but there's certainly enough fun here to do the franchise justice.

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