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Did I just get rent You're In the Movies?

posted by PeaveyT15 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Mar 12, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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Wow...for some reason I'm feeling a little deja vu right about now. Didn't an E3 event show a game a few years ago that superimposed you into different scenes? You know the one.. it was shown as basically flawless. Perfect outlines of the players, no cutoffs in the images. Yeah, I bought You're In the Movies when it bombed...only because it was $20 and came with the Xbox Cam that was still priced at $40 if it was a standalone (basically they gave you 50% off if you chose get the cam with a game). It was a fun game, but had serious flaws...

Well guess what, 3 years of advancements accompanied by the support of a cam that was promoted as once again...flawless...and I feel like I'm looking back into time.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun for the one weekend that my friends and I got together to have a few drinks and play it, but my outlook on this game was dead on. The previews looked amazing, but even at best it's obvious that no one will ever be able to get those kind of results (I don't care what lighting they say to use, it's going to be grainy). The lines are sometimes tough to match up on, and there is definitely lack of content. DLC on the release date? Really? I bet it downloads real if it may already be on the disc...just saying.

One issue we had was sound. I've seen reviews from other sites where people thought the game was broken because it did not pick up what they were saying. Turn the kinect setting for game chat to "On". I turn that off because I'm the only one with a kinect and I'd rather use my headset to chat with friends than the kinect (since it echos).

The other issue...I'm a terrible actor, with zero improve skills to boot. Not that this was any surprise, but once you've played a few scenes with friends the fun seems to quickly drop.

Basically, it's a good renter for a weekend. If you love it, great. I'm still waiting on a kinect game that works as good as its promos show...I may be waiting for a while...

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I'm glad I didn't buy it.

posted by samantr0n (WERNERSVILLE, PA) Apr 11, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Like the title goes, I'm glad this was a game I rented and messed around with for a few days with friends, rather than ending up being stuck with it forever. It isn't the greatest game on the planet~ It's not flawless. But if you look past that, and just laugh about it with your friends, it really is fun. I highly recommend at least just renting it for a weekend, or something. It's worth giving it a chance.

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Really Bad

Ugh. Don't Bother

posted by kencushing (VALENCIA, CA) Aug 8, 2011

Member since May 2011

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I wanted to love this game. I really did. I thought at the very least, my drunk friends would enjoy it. Sadly, nobody did. Selecting your movie takes forever and is way too touchy. The scenes available (even the DLC) just aren't epic enough. As for realism, it doesn't look real whatoever, and there are issues with haze around you, so it is just plain awful to watch.

I was the only person in my family who thought this would be a good one at least to rent, but I'm very sad that I've wasted 1 week of GameFly shipping time (back and forth) on this drivel.

Things that would've helped:
1. Have the movie selections laid out in a grid, possibly by genre, so that you can see the titles and a screenshot of at least 6 at a time.
2. Fix the deplorable haze around people.
3. Perform some sort of colorization to at least TRY to mimic the brightness and lustre of the movie that you are being inserted into.
4. The fact that Top Gun wasn't included or at least as DLC is unforgiveable.

The only thing that kept me from giving it a 1 was the fact that it can be a little bit funny if you act like a complete buffoon reenacting the movie scenes in your own weird way. But this is more a credit to the people playing it, and not the game itself.

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