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Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone


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Also on:GBA
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Extra Contents

Just finish the game on any difficulty

Hard Mode

Finish the game once

Hyper Speed

Finish the game on any difficulty


Finish the game on hard


In BF23, there's a little area near the exit. Go to it and a new exit will appear. Go there and you will end up at BF23.5 where you will recruit Cruz


Search all two of the villages in BF13. You'll be taken to BF14I/II and you'll get her.


In the map with the undines go all the way down in one town she be waiting for you


You recruit her in BF23 or BF24, by placing Nietzsche near by her (hard mode only).


In BF20, head left and you'll eventually find Flone. Save her from Aegina and then place any character next to Russell in BF21