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Yakuza F!!!!!! Fun!!!

posted by timbar (SCHENECTADY, NY) Sep 22, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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I've been reading reviews of this game for a long time and decided to rent it to see if it was as good as it was supposed to be.

I found it incredible! A perfect 10! Each fight is setup like a fighting game(ie Tekken of VF). The story is intense and the characters are alive!

-Great story
-Great characters
-Lots of mini-games(but not too many like San Andreas and the freakin gym!)
-Multiple upgrades keep fight moves fresh and brutal
-the city isn't too big(I hardly need the map anymore!)

-The language. I played a Demo in Japanese with the swearing $!$! out. I watch a lot of anime and Japanese films so I honesty prefer subtitles, even during cutscenes, to dubbing.
-Not enough money(the girls at the hostess bars get expensive and the weapons are expensive for being limited use)
-Not long enough. I admit I haven't beat it yet, but I never want it to end!!!
-There is no announced sequel or better yet prequel!

An absolutely incredible game overall, I have not been this wow-ed since God of War!!!

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Above Average

Mixed Feelings..

posted by Shadow13 (NEWINGTON, CT) Oct 3, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

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I liked a lot of elements this game when I started playing. As the game progressed my feelings changed. I liked the fighting initially, but found myself trying to avoid fighting as I got deeper into the game. Same goes for the story because I was enjoying it, but the ending flat out was horrible in my opinion. The voice acting was usually ok, but had occasional odd pauses. It is also extreme when it came to swearing in the game. The camera and targeting used in this game were horrible in my opinion. The guns sucked for the most part, and I hated the fact the enemy had infinite ammo. The highest clip a gun had when I had it was 20 bullets, and that was a "special" gun. I believed I'd like to play this game again after I beat it, but truth is I had my fill regardless of the fact it had replay value. My final thought on the game, glad I rented it.

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Has a great feeling too it.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Oct 9, 2006

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GAMPLAY: U can upgrade your skills and get new moves, u can do special abilities, and u can taunt enemies. But given all those things u can do, it gets pretty old after u fight enemies ALL THE TIME! Literally, the gamplay gets old pretty fast because you just have these random encounters with people on the street that ar so easy to fight that it just gets repetetive after awhile. One of the cool things though is that there are tons of items and weapons to use like chairs or swords that each have their own special attack. There are tons of things to do in the meantime of the game though. I mean cmon, what game do u knwo of that lets you go to hostess bars and flirt with hot girls?
STORY: The story is one of the great things about the game. It has a great welcoming feeling too it and the plot points are slowely revealed making u want to keep playing and there are tons of twists to the storyline.
GRAPHICS & DESIGN: The graphics are good. Ive see better on the PS2 (even earlier games like 2005) but the graphics suffice at least. The neon lights and signs all look great as well as the lighting and chracter designs. The desin of the game is great too. There are hundreds of things to do other than just the main storyline so Yakuza has some great replay value.
Gamplay: 8.9
Story:9 9.9
Graphics: 7.6
Design: 10
OVERALL: 9.7/10

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