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Very Good

Shenmu anyone?

posted by zargot (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 23, 2010

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I have to say I really liked this game. I havent played Yakuza 1,2 but still was able to pick up what was going on pretty quickly into the game. If anyone out there remembers Shenmu and loved it like I do then this games for you. You are a gangster reformed. The good, bad guy plot. Trying to take care of the orphan children and forget your past but of course as in every story such as this you simply cant escape this past. This is a free roaming game as you can get lost for hours in the cities playing games or sightseeing, golfing..... it goes on. Fightes are pretty simple, button mashing combos and some weapons you can build from plans you buy, win or find. Lots of mini quest in this one including, karaoke, bowling, golf, batting cages and arcade games. Oh and you can even have one of many love interest whom you can actually take on dates. Graphics are good and the storyline is excellent as well. Give this one a try!

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This game is awesome!

posted by Eyedotz (SOUTH PORTLAND, ME) Aug 22, 2010

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I'm usually a review reader not writer but this game deserves praise! It reminds me a lot of GTA and Heavy Rain But centered around the Japanese culture. The story is very good and I never really seemed to run out of side missions.... I'm so glad I had the opportunity to play this. I REALLY hope that Yakuza 4 does come to the USA.

One of the things that stuck out most for me is the game doesn't worry about being 'politically correct' like a lot of games in the west..... You can see many differences in cultures.

So anyway, you definitely shouldn't pass this one up if you enjoy an awesome plot, cool fighting moves, and unforgettable characters! I clocked 50 hours easily. Plus you can play gambling games, casino games, darts, pool, bowling, batting cages, and many other mini-games. You owe yourself to play this gem!

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Great Game Great Tale

posted by KayukiFTW (NEDERLAND, TX) Oct 3, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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First off, I've never before played any other the other two Yakuza games and the only way I found out about this game , was by random passing by in forums. I enjoy RPGS, RTS, and I love games with large stories.

This game will roughly bring you through 35+ hours easily, through a quick game play. It's your type of beat'em up game in the context of, "somewhat" random battles, experience points, semi-button mashing, and upgrading of abilities and attributes. If your a type of person that wants to run through a game 100%, this game'll be quite a challenge.

This one of my favorite parts of this title, and as well as one of the most annoying. As I have never played either of the previous ones, there are options to watch the skinny of both 1 & 2. Which is absolutely great! Each are about 15-20 minutes long but after, I felt pretty versed in the story. The story, as basic as I can tell it, is simply a retired gang leader comes back to the gang to clear up a mystery of an attempted murder of the new leader.

The game starts out EXTREMELY slow. Which has seemed to turn of many people who have tried it. The game play is simple in the task of beating up bad guys who start Trouble with you and taking down gangs/gang leaders. There's alot of running around, and fighting in the streets, as well as the story progressing. I personally found the combat extremely gratifying, although seldom does anyone die. There are plenty of special moves and finishers, that just make you wish you could do those things to people you don't like.

A huge thing besides the story of Yakuza 3 is all the extra things you can do. Fishing, Golfing, Errands, Darts, and taking girls out to karaoke, are just a few to name the list. Unfortunely the only draw back is certain missions or side quest are completed in chains, meaning there can be a lot to miss, if you don't use a FAQ.

Final Note:
I loved the game and recommend to anyone who likes JRPGS. Be ready for the 4th!!

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