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posted by willsmith (OAKLAND, CA) Dec 8, 2008

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this game is pretty much like the first yakuza. so if you liked the first one, you will probably enjoy this one. for people that have never played it, it is basically a brawler in a 3d backdrop based on the streets of tokyo. you basically gain experience for leveling up by fighting thugs on the map. the storyline is interesting enough with a gang war brewing between the yakuza groups and a third group who are not japanese. the only reason why i don't give this game a higher score is that there seems to be a lot of random battles when you are walking around on the map. you almost can't walk more than 20 ft without running into another thug that wants to jump you. while this is annoying, the fighting itself is still satisfying with brutal 'heat' finishing moves, both old and new. there is enough in this game to keep you occupied for 40-50 hours if you really try to complete everything, including side missions. definitely worth a rental for fighting game and yakuza fans.

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an improved (better sequel) to the Yakuza series.

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Sep 21, 2008

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this maybe be a gangster oriented game.. but guns are of no use here.. since if properly upgrade.. your punches and kicks will deal more damage than a shotgun at point-blank range!

------The good

-4 levels of difficulty (easy and normal (default), hard, very hard)

-have previous saved file from yakuza when start new game for helpful bonus items (like dragon scale armor-high defense)

-faster loading time

-combat moves are at a faster pace and you can change direction mid-combo (comparing to the 1st)

-more brutal finishing moves and action command buttons (like god of war series)

-local influence will help you out with random street fight

-long play time-- if you play it thoroughly (side misssions, mini game, hostess, food and items completion, etc..) it will take about 60-80 hrs to finish!

------The bad

-the game is in its original japanese language with english subtitles (for cutscenes). some gamers might be turn off by this.. for me it's not a problem.

-the loading is still too frequent

-action command buttons are quite fast (for some)

-limited items storage space and the hassles of walking across town just to get to the item box.

---helpful hints??

-complete the game without dying even once! you will earn 2-3 million yen-depending on the difficulty level you are playing.

-always have some weapons and healing items in your inventory when heading to mission obejectives.

-expected the unexpected

-buy food or drinks from bars and stores to recover health and gain experience at a fraction of healing items cost.

-use the environments (wall, light pole, barrels, etc..) and weapons (sign board, caution cones, beeer bottles, etc..) for variety of special brutal heat moves.

-Lastly, be really prepare for the final chapter (ch. 16).. BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE HEALING ITEMS THERE ARE AND FULLY EQUIP YOURSELF.. or you will regret it!

Yakuza 2 is a good game.. definately worth a rental.. for me.. i'll buy it too

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Very Good

More of the same, but better!

posted by Gedaman (PORT MURRAY, NJ) Oct 27, 2008

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While Yakuza 2 is a slight improvement over the original, it still is almost exactly like the first game. You can now explore Osaka, but the gameplay hasn't really changed at all. There's still lots of random fights on the streets. You can still search for dropped coin locker keys (fun) to gain useful weapons and other items. The dialog this time is all in Japanese because Sega didn't see a need to spend the extra money due to the lack of success for the first game in the US and also being one of the last, late budget priced titles for the PlayStation 2. The Japanese speech feels more authentic and better suited with English subtitles than C-list US celebrity (Michael Madsen, Eliza Dushku) voice-overs anyway. I recommend this game to anyone who played the original and everyone who doesn't have a new-gen system yet.

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