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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z


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GF Rating


Failure mechanics Ruin a potentially fun game.

posted by Vorthinos (FORT OGLETHORPE, GA) Jun 8, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

There is no reason a boss fight of three stages with a camera angel that looks like it belongs in a PS1 title should be released in this day and age. The game's final fight is unnecessarily complicated, with no hint and even when you do figure it out the enemies will simply stun lock/chain combo you into a never ending loop that you cannot counter and is not able to be blocked. Once your health has been depleted you are forced to start back at the previous checkpoint, which means having to do the entire fight and it's broken mechanics over again. When firing the bile bombs at the final boss during laser eye sequence he will have invulnerability frames and if he moves at even the slightest angle then you will lose the target thus making that entire round of waiting on him to fire the lasers after acquiring said weapon useless. Let's not even get into some of the other detection and recognition mechanics that this game has failed to yield proper results, in short remove from your gameQ or send it back ASAP so that you do not waste time or part of your monthly subscription on this game.

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GF Rating


just rediculus

posted by Silohara (ELMIRA, NY) May 1, 2014

Member since Oct 2010

I had high hopes for this game... I really did and tried to give it a chance butit just does not match up to its predecessor.... iI like the comic book look but the controles and the stories and mainly the story did zero to help this game... I do not reccomend at all steer clear people.... you will get this game and the next day send it back I promise....

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Solid, fun game. Don't see why ppl are hating ??

posted by chdezjr (MIAMI, FL) Apr 28, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I admit I'm not the type who stays at home all day and plays video games. I work and during the little free time I have, I occasionally turn on the PS3 and figured I'd give Gamefly a try - this was the most recent game I received and being one of those who actually remembers playing the original Ninja Gaiden on NES, I'm glad they have kept the franchise around up to this point. Granted, this is totally off the beaten path for Ninja Gaiden, the game provides alot of fun elements. The graphics were over the top when they needed to be and I found it to be a good rental. Would I buy it? No. it was too short a game. But for a rental, I'd say it was one of the better ones I have received so far. Ninja Gaiden fans who hate on this game need to stop being such purists. It's not always a bad things to try to do something differently and I for one applaud Ninja Theory on their work (even if it was just as supervisors) on this game. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a few days of decent game play, but not as a purchase...just a rental.

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