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Enter the Ninja

posted by Lupinite (WINSTON SALEM, NC) May 6, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

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This game was what I expected going in. A cyborg Ninja kills swarms of zombie's easily, but then you come across specialist zombie's. Clowns and Holy men you know how it is, kill them right and gain a unique weapon. The story is Yaiba being the Ninja Slayer decides to fight Ryu. Considering he has a cyborg body I'll leave it to you to guess what happens. He wakes up to find himself surrounded by zombie's and sent on a mission to kill Ryu and stop the zombies. Some plot twist's happen, it gets very Ninja Gaiden near the end, if you thought this was just some game that stuck the title on your wrong. The story strays back to its roots.

The tutorial is good, not a whole level, but more of a explain as you come across it. The fighting style is fast paced, and brutal. Mainly using your sword and robo-fist. The combo's are easy to do and rewarding as you use your upgrade tree. When you execute an enemy its a close up, so you get the full gorey goodness.

The upgrade tree, on my play through atleast, was completed by the last level or around there. You earn upgrade points as you kill, collect collectables, and complete levels. You might be able to finish it earlier in the game if played right.

The art style fits this game perfectly, its comic book style but 3-D. I felt that needed to be stated. The out of game cutscene's were done comicbook style, but that fit in very well.

The voice acting was well done. Not phenomenal but better then some people might expect. Yaiba's voice actor got the gruff and arrogant just right, while Ryu sounded humble but confident. Miss Monday and 'the Spanish peanut' matched perfectly with the voice's given to them. Most of the lines in the game, spoken out of conversation, were ether violent one liner's or pervy lines aimed at Monday (when you see her, you'll understand why).

The arcade mode unlocked after beating the story is a side scroller, no executions or grabs, but its decent. So give it a try, the intro is very broken englis

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Naphtali357 (SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY) Apr 2, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

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This obviously is not your typical Ninja Gaiden game. But the thing that gets me is the fact that they say the previous games were "challenging, but fair" and that this game was not fair at all. But I'm going to be honest here:

Compared to THIS game, the previous games were a cakewalk. Yes, I said it.

See, there is often a hack-and-slash mentality from some (if not most) Ninja Gaiden fans. Were you really gonna memorize all those combos? No, you were button-mashing. How often did you use shuriken? Most likely never, because the enemy would reflect them back so much that you just decided to stick close range. Also, while the AI was smart, they were predictable. All they did was give you the same enemies over, and over, and over. True, they got harder to beat as you went further in, but eventually you get used to them. If you are one of the dedicated Ninja Gaiden fans who actually TOOK THE TIME to master the game, I applaud you. I wish I could've done the same.

Now, just to get things out of the way in terms of Ninja Gaiden Z: "Yaiba is just not LIKEABLE". He's not supposed to be. Though his own family DID try to kill him. "Ryu Hayabusa is WAY cooler than this guy." We all know that. Thank you for stating the obvious. You are so smart. (Note the sarcasm.) "This game is unfair." No, you just wanna button-mash and do a few combos like you did before. You fighting a horde of ZOMBIES! Not predictable NINJAS and SUPER-SOLDIERS!!! Zombies of all shapes and sizes are coming at you so you actually got to examine what the heck is happening and think. Sure, you blast your way through. That's the premise. But come on, you got to think SOMETIME.

The elemental system is a lot more useful than people think. And the game, as a whole, is better than what the "expert reviewers" say it is. I can't say everything here, because of the limit. But please.

Try the game and actually look at it thoroughly- WITHOUT BIAS- before going all "RYU HAYABUSA!!!!" on me. Please.

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Ninja Time

posted by mars188 (BRISTOW, OK) Mar 20, 2014

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2003

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This Game is ok- But the Unbalance Difficulty Level is painful - You will be doing OK then a new enemy will come up and be tough as nails and you will see the long loading screen over and over. Upgrades are not all that great. Plus this is no true Gaiden game- Why not just name it under a different name? Just call it Yaiba. Over all i am having fun its OK- Great Rent Game - Sorry for the poor writing skills i am just a old man that loves Games . thanks

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