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A well done conclusion

posted by Gokuss8 (MYRTLE BEACH, SC) Mar 31, 2010

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After the abysmal Xenosaga 2, its no great surprise that the series is ending at 3. However, they manage to improve on most of the glaring problems. The combat is a much faster pace, its visually interesting and impressive, the musical score has a lot of great selections, and 95% of the loose ends are tied up. What is good too is despite the lofty storyline, if you did not play the first 2, the database is a good way to catch up those new to the series, and the database is very extensive describing an incredibly fleshed out vision of the future.
It isn't quite perfect though. The initial pace can be hard to get into the game, the first 3 or so hours are filled with so much dialogue you might start to wonder at what point is the game actually a game and at what point the pace picks up, which it thankfully does. Combat, while a lot faster, is also a lot easier and you can get by just through auto attacking in a lot of cases if you want. This for me is a mixed bag, as while I grew to hate the complexity of the second games' battle system, this might be a bit too simple at times. Also despite having an incredibly fleshed out universe, you don't go many places.
I felt this about the entire series as the games just take place in a small pocket of the universe and only small places of planets. What makes it even more unfortunate is there are no plans to continue the series so odds are, the Xenosaga universe will remain as it is. None the less its a great game. Not for absolutely everyone, but if it was, this wouldn't be the last in the series.

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Awesome Game

posted by danrmn (RAMONA, CA) Sep 3, 2006

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Everything about this game I loved.

The combat system is really well done and easy to use.

The cut scenes are very nice looking.

But I have one tiny annoyance with the game: It is that in the cut scenes that aren't actual cut scenes where you have to press the circle or x button after every little sentence a person says, it can get pretty annoying having to do that every 3 or 4 seconds because they are quite long. And there is no option for the game to automatically do it for you.

Other than that I would definitely recommend renting or buying this game.

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Above Average

It was a good try, but it just wasn't enough.

posted by BryanSrwr (PLEASANT HILL, MO) Jan 8, 2007

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Xenosaga: Episode I, was probably one of the best RPGs ever made in my opinion. The story was fantastically engrossing, the battle system was good enough that leveling up was fun, and the cinematics and voice acting were amazing. I eagerly awaited the coming of Episode II the way little children look forward to telling a Mall Santa what they want for Christmas.

But it sucked. Hard.

Xenosaga III was supposed to be the vindication of the entire series. It was supposed to tie together all the loose ends started in Xenosaga I and fix the awful plot points introduced in II.

It gave a noble effort, and I can't help but feel that the writers did the best they could with what they had to work with, but...

The battle system was a fairly dull union between the ones in I and II. Battles were boring. And difficult, considering. It was taking me three or four rounds to kill a standard enemy wandering around. That's not challenging, it's irritating.

But worse was the turn the story took. It just got lame and predictable and confusing. It was simply like they had a tally sheet of questions that needed answering and they just worked on crossing entries off of it in any manner they could manage, and threw in some really heavy religious overtones.

If you're gonna play this, I assume it's because you have to see how it goes since you've played the first two. Well, my review isn't going to stop you from doing that, but I can at least steel you for some major disappointment.

If you've never played any Xenosaga game and were thinking of starting with this one, don't. Play Xenosaga I and stop. Never even glance at III and destroy any copies of II you come across.

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