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The Battle System

posted by Supershadow95 (MECHANICSVILLE, VA) Jul 17, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

I saw at least 10 reviews that say the battle system sucks. It's an RPG! You always select attacks. The idea is that you can move, you autoattack. The strategy is picking the RIGHT moves. If you really gave this game a 1, you're looking at the wrong game, CODfag.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by jayprime (VALLEJO, CA) Feb 2, 2014

Member since Feb 2012

I played about 25 hours and I have to say that this is the pinnacle of Wii games. I will not finish due to being a week away from the PS4 release. But what I have played is a jrpg at its best. Story, gameplay, graphics and sound are all top notch for the Wii. Just play this with the pro controller and not the nunchucks like I did. This is a 75+ hour game so just be warned.

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The saving grace for JRPG's

posted by maskedpainter (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jun 4, 2013

Member since May 2013

Presentation: Epic. Grand. Massive. Words to properly describe the world and its long list of characters presented to the player. Followed up with a constant real time environment that allows you to reach every point you see on screen and a story with enough originality t o set it apart from the typical this game shows us what Nintendo and its second party in house developers are capable of.

Game play: Constant real time battle system that allows you to place your person anywhere you need to make a critical blow. This also allows you to enter and leave battles seamlessly without loading screens, wait times or stoppages in play time. Enough customization options to keep even the most hard core gamers happy and a Affinity system that rewards you for building personal relationships among NPCs, Party members and entire towns.

Value: Here's the skinny. The main quest takes over 65 hours to complete while doing all the side quest take another 35 hours. It's easily over a hundred hours for a perfect run and over 80 for a normal gamer.

Verdict: Xenoblade Chronicles world is something to behold, with towns that bustle with life, a day and night system, wonderful engaging characters, beautiful music, rich story, real time battle system and so on and so on. If you're a RPG fan this is the best RPG released in the past decade and you'll do yourself a favor to put the time into this quality gem.

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