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Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Volume 1


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Very Good

Live Arcade for everyone

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Sep 11, 2006

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Unplugged is a great rent for two kinds of people: people that aren't on Xbox Live and people that liked the trial versions of the games and want to earn the achievements. Included in Volume 1 are the following games: Geometry Wars: Evolved, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, Outpost Kaloki X, Wik: Fable of Souls, Hardwood Backgammon, and Texas Hold'em. It's a good mix, and all of the games are decent (some obviously better than others).

I'd say the main draw here is Geometry Wars. It's basically a space shooter, like Asteroids, but it pretty much looks like fireworks. There's bullets and explosions ALL OVER THE PLACE, with everything shining in bright colors. It's very addictive.

Bejeweled 2 is a puzzle game, similar to Hexic HD. Unlike Hexic, however, you have a checkerboard-like playing field and instead of spinning three pieces at once, you move a single piece at a time. Ultimately, the goal is the same: connect like pieces to make them explode and disappear.

Outpost Kaloki is essentially a tycoon game, where you have to manage and maintain a space station. There is a lot of time that can be sunk into this game, especially considering the large number of downloadable scenarios available on the Marketplace.

Wik is basically a side-scrolling platformer, somewhat like Earthworm Jim. Your character is some kind of frog thing, and you can swing around from branches with your tongue. You need to collect little caterpillar things and then feed them to some big purple guy. Yes, it's kinda strange, but it's entertaining and that's what counts.

The last two games are fairly self explanatory. Hardwood Backgammon is, well, backgammon, and Texas Hold'em is Texas Hold'em, which is a kind of poker. Backgammon is easily the weakest link in this group, but at least renting it through Gamefly means you don't really have to pay for it.

Essentially, that's the benefit of this disc in general: get a bunch of Live Arcade games (and achievements) without having to purchase and download them.

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Above Average

Ok for a rent but even that might be a stretch

posted by dephile (MOBILE, AL) Sep 8, 2006

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XBOX Live Arcade Unplugged allows you to play 6 of the "hottest" XBLA games out at the time it was released. Most players may only enjoy half of the games included (like geometry wars for example). The real market for this title would be people with an XB360 that has no internet access. Otherwise you would be better off downloading the free trials of these games (and many more) from xbox live arcade. If you enjoy the games, drop a few points and pick them up to play again and again. For those without a networked XB360 this could be a fun diversion, everyone else should probably throw something else in their queue.

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Xbox Live on a disc...

posted by s10blazed (ROCHESTER, PA) Nov 1, 2006

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What a waste of a rental since every game included is a downloadable demo from Xbox Live. Most on the disc are even demos. Please don't waste your time with this garbage.

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