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GF Rating


Exact same as the last game.

posted by cajuntigger (HOUMA, LA) Mar 26, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Whats the deal. This story line is the exact same as the other xcom game with the exception of a few newer mods and gear. They should have at least changed the story line up some. Plus whats with all the glitches and freezes? I am sure i am not the only one who experienced this. I got tired of having to reboot my PS3 just to finish this game. I had to reboot my PS3 at least 20 times due to glitches and it lagging out and freezing. One would figure if your going to make a brand like this after the first one you would have all the issues fixed but guess not.

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Oh no.

posted by Arshus (GREENWOOD, IN) May 3, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

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i cant begin to explain why this game exists. This title is Enemy Unknown with additions to classes, a few abilities, and some bonus enemies that mirror the additional classes and some side story. That is not worth $60 people! CALL THIS OUT! The economy is in shambles. I take my gaming seriously and companies will continue to exploit your time and money this way and also continue to make poopy games. Finally, the game is cool. Read my review on Enemy Unknown add what I said here. There you go. 2K has lost all my respect and I will never play another 2K game ever. Dont care. Call it what you will. Sorry you wasted your time and money. Thanks and game on just not with 2k games ever again.

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Great expansion and no need for Enemy Unkown

posted by Toast4Twenty (PARK CITY, KS) Nov 15, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I was thrown off at first by how the storyline is literally the exact same as enemy unknown but then I realized it was even better. XEW is like a massive expansion pack to the first, including two new objectives added to the the storyline, many new maps and something called 'meld'. Meld is used to either genetically alter soldiers in the new facility called a genetics lab or meld can be used to augment the soldier with a new body armor that is upgradeable (I.E. Flamethrower etc.) Augmented soldiers are assigned to the 'Mech Trooper' class and have a refreshed and new ability tree as opposed to the 'gene' solider which keep their class and learned abilities, they get a separate gene ability tree- much like the psychic abilitree in Enemy Unknown except both sides of the tree can be obtained, which is nice way to relieve pressure of choosing an ability. There are many more choices in the player customization as well. You can now equip helmets to soldiers (they have no defensive plus stats, just for looks), in fact, there are over 20 helmets to choose from. You can also change the soldiers uniform style and color scheme. This is a great game and I am going to keep it. The way it includes the original storyline makes me feel like 2k and Fireaxis are saying "Hey, this is what we should have made the first time" and they nailed it!

Multiplayer also includes many additions. When playing duel matches against other players building a squad requires rationing points. Each category of soldier (either xcom or alien) will take a certain amount of points to have on the team. Equipment for the soldiers also take equipment. Players can choose to play an unlimited point match. Playing online only consist of duel battles and players will strategize against another in a random generated map from the game. It is addictive and ther are ranked matches.

It's a great expansion that doesn't require you to own or have played its predecessor.

Please thumbs up this review. :)

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