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Very Good

Very well done game.

posted by illuzn21 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) Nov 15, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

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I haven't put a lot of time into this game yet, but so far have been impressed. This follows pretty much the same story line from "Enemy Unknown". Way more options for your squad members. There is a new meld resource which challenges you to explore faster to find it before it is gone. It adds a new layer to the game having you split up more to find this each map before it runs out.

Randomizing the upgrade tree is a cool option to have. You can now have a sniper with assault skills and heavy skills which are randomly generated as you lvl. 2 skills per class will pop up per level and you choose which one. lvl 2 could b 2 assault choices, lvl 3 being 2 sniper choices and so on. It is something you can turn on or off. You can turn soldiers early on into giant mech soldiers who are much tougher or mess with there DNA to give so many more options outside of the normal upgrade tree.

This is a total standalone version that does not require enemy unknown. The is one huge issue with this game which is why I could not give it higher than a 8 rating.
You can be flying into china but yet like before there is never anything that distinguishes that you are actually in china. you will see the same map later for china when you are in germany. They do have over 40 new maps so you are much less likely to run into the same map like before, but i would of loved to see some changes with how the maps look based on the country you are in. Keep the same map for china or germany, but maybe have the windows to have the appropriate language or change the types of cars you see on the road to give it a better feel for where you are.

Other than that it is an amazing game. The UFO's land in way more spots and you randomly start maps in different spots to give the same map a new feel. The soldiers speak their native language as well. Would of liked to see a change from the storyline a lot more considering it is a standalone title. If you like thinking games than you will like this.

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DLC not a new game.

posted by DGunik (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 25, 2014

Member since Nov 2011

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I'm giving this DLC 3 points because that's what it is. It's a DLC not a new game.
When you take an existing game and you add, weapons, enemies, skills, etc. You call that a DLC and price it accordingly. Shame for trying to sell this as a new game.

That aside, if you enjoyed X-Com enemy unknown then you'll feel right at home. Same exact game with some new additions.

The game froze on me at various points of gameplay. Making it really annoying since it would usually happen during a mission and force to restart the game, load the savegame, and start the mission all over.
Note. This has never happened with the original X-com Enemy Unknown, even after several play throughs.

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GF Rating


Stellar additions make this a stellar game

posted by multigame7 (CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA) Oct 21, 2014

Member since Mar 2008

Let me start off by saying that this is essentially the same game as XCom: Enemy Unknown; however, this version of the game adds in a lot of new concepts to the game. These new concepts and add-ons include new weapons, new technology, a "mec" system where you can build mec suits for your soldiers, new mission styles, and some overall much different concepts than the original. Therefore, although it should probably be classified as downloadable content (DLC) as opposed to a new game, it still adds quite a bit of new content to the game to warrant another few play-throughs.

That aside, this is a stellar game. Especially if you're an old-school XCom fan from it's original launch in the 90s, this definitely keeps true to the game's original gameplay, but expounds on it in an amazing way. It's turn-based combat with modern and even some future technology. Additionally, throughout the game, you manage your bases around the world, your research, your weapons development, and a lot of other complex processes that make this game much more than just a simple turn-based alien invasion game.

Overall, the replay value is just unlimited. I could play through this game twenty times and each time play it in a different style - concentrate on a different area of the world, research down a different technological path, etc - and it would keep being a different playthrough.

I'd highly recommend this game to anyone. Enjoy!

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