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Syfi strategy at its best!

posted by Deebo22 (GREENWOOD, IN) Apr 8, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

The story is alive and awesome in this long awaited return to a cult classic. I really enjoyed this game. Now before I go further this is a strategy game first and foremost.
Great story. Original, gripping, and just good.
Graphics are tops blooby. From character designs, armor, weapons, crash sights, aliens, ufos, weapon execution (breath of air), city environments, alien environments. The list goes on and on.
Sound fx. Meh, nothing to write home bout. Sounds can be sketchy and rough at best. Voice cast is ok...I guess. The sounds just didnt match what was goin on. You just have to play it to understand.
Gameplay. Now for a strategy game I thought that some of the additional content was pretty good. The stuff that set it apart and made it different. The base of operations and upgrading it was cool. Capturing and interrogating aliens was just fun. Upgrading your weapons and armor and character classes. Upgrading abilities and giving your soldiers psychic powers is freaking amazing.
For real. For a game in its genre you have to play this. You wont put it down till the conclusion is concluded. As always thanks for your time. Game on!

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Pretty Good .....

posted by Selectfew (MONTICELLO, FL) Aug 5, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

It is a pretty Long Game , with many options to choose from :

How you Fight Tactically
And Basic Features

However the Only reasons I did not rate this Turn Based Style Combat Game better are :

1. Often (Easy) close in shots are "Missed" against enemies , especially when it counts

And 2 What would have made this Game truly fantastic , is some sort of Story , or RPG type character element. It feels like just regenerating Robots (Sending out to fight) Rinse and repeat.

My Suggestion Take this game and cross it with say Mass Effect : Truly Awesome I reccommend as it is a Fun play , Perhaps a Unique Own , but just not Sure

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I've played this game 15 times

posted by WTTChadW (WOODLAND HILLS, CA) Jul 3, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

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I had to play the game at least 5 times till death just to understand how to manage my squad without loosing any. Which is still a challenge on my 15th play through. The longest I have survived is 419 days (I had to save the game 112 times) which I recommend by the way; save a lot. Save before you start a mission; save every time you accomplish a feat, like killing or capturing. (plus I recommend deleting other auto saved files; especially if you want to go back a few steps; you'll see what I mean). This game over-all for me is a 15 out of 10. I wish more people would download the FREE version offed by PS3; then I could have some competition. If your looking for some early pointers, here are a few.
1. South America is the best for beginners - autopsy's are instant and this will give you an advantage for weapons and other advancements rapidly.
1A. The United States would be the next best - I finished the mission twice by using this Country.
2. always keep a good balance of solders - about 20-24
3. not all solders with "High Will" will be eligible for Psi training (this calculation should be looked at)
4. you must care about your people
6. rookies should always carry first-aid, unless armor is available.
7. Always try to have a sniper; if not two on missions where you save people (if not a sniper; then a one of the vehicles)
8. make sure you have a full ammo clip before you go into the next battle.
9. Remember that you will loose countries no matter what you do. there will always be a consequences to your decision to help one of the three.10. remember as long as you have (1) country left; you can still accomplish the mission (just hopefully your fully developed by then).11. only two out of your stock of PSI will be 'volunteered' for the final mission. Which isn't when you raid the ship.12. try to keep your people in a cluster
this is a game of patience. I really enjoyed the two turn base strategy. now i want all other type of battle games to follow suit

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