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COC now this

posted by CHINEYBWOY (BRONX, NY) Dec 1, 2014

Member since Sep 2007

I'm really starting to get into these strategy playing games & I saw good rating 4 this so I tried it.... now that I understand what's going on with it I feel in love with these type of games & this one... once you learn how to move the soldiers. ..Flawless

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Enemy Within

posted by Arshus (GREENWOOD, IN) May 6, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

For those who dont know. Enemy Within is the exact same game. No, really, it is. Enemy Within came after Enemy Unknown. Enemy Within has everything this title has but more classes, enemies, and a bit more story. THIS IS A RTS. Anyone expecting more will be disappointed. However, for everyone who knows what an RTS is, its great.

Classes very. Each class has its own skill trees. Snipers, Assault, Support, Heavies. Upgrades to armor, weapons, even psi powers. Same goes for airborne tactics and your HQ. Setup satellites to track and engage the aliens. Use your jets to make em crash. Engage them on the ground. Salvage their tech to upgrade things further turning jets into Hybrids. Upgrade uplinks for more sat coverage, workshops for your ground units gear. Labs to further research and unlock more upgrades. It gets repetitive but at a certain point things start picking up pace and the progression of story versus combat seems to mingle well.
Sound FX are choppy. Voice casting is kinda ok but nothing spectacular.
Gameplay is kinda like playing chess or Warhammer. Your almost always outnumbered so pick and choose engagement wisely. You'll find that you'll start treating your troops with a certain love and affection cause of all the time and effort you put into them.
Lastly, this title is pretty solid. Got drawn out due to slow story progression. It picks up however and when it does it flows pretty smooth. More airborne fights become apparent, goals for victory become clear, and the psi element later on in the game keeps you busy. That being said rent it, enjoy it, pass the good word on. Thanks for your time and game on players.

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Syfi strategy at its best!

posted by Deebo22 (GREENWOOD, IN) Apr 8, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

The story is alive and awesome in this long awaited return to a cult classic. I really enjoyed this game. Now before I go further this is a strategy game first and foremost.
Great story. Original, gripping, and just good.
Graphics are tops blooby. From character designs, armor, weapons, crash sights, aliens, ufos, weapon execution (breath of air), city environments, alien environments. The list goes on and on.
Sound fx. Meh, nothing to write home bout. Sounds can be sketchy and rough at best. Voice cast is ok...I guess. The sounds just didnt match what was goin on. You just have to play it to understand.
Gameplay. Now for a strategy game I thought that some of the additional content was pretty good. The stuff that set it apart and made it different. The base of operations and upgrading it was cool. Capturing and interrogating aliens was just fun. Upgrading your weapons and armor and character classes. Upgrading abilities and giving your soldiers psychic powers is freaking amazing.
For real. For a game in its genre you have to play this. You wont put it down till the conclusion is concluded. As always thanks for your time. Game on!

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