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A little too much randomness

posted by Existence (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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I haven't played the original Xcom, so here's a review from just a general gamer:

This a turned-based strategy game (which I don't play much of) similar to Disgaea or FFT in its basic gameplay foundation. The story revolves around an alien invasion, and if you've seen anything based off of that premise, you'll know what the game is about; it doesn't really bring anything too unique to that basic storyline.

The problem I found with the core of gameplay is that it doesn't really make a lot of sense when put together. Playing against overwhelming odds (in terms of numbers, health, and whatnot) is fine in a strategy game, but the crux of it is I think is how accuracy works. Generally the enemy AI gets a gigantic advantage over you in terms of accuracy - they hardly miss, even if you are in "full" cover. In combination with the enemy generally granted more numbers (sometimes 4:1, even on Easy), and the player having a relatively low amount of healing options, survivability can run potentially low.

Not to say it isn't possible to beat, it just requires a lot of trial and error, due to the RNG of accuracy and enemy placement. I found myself reloading frequently, simply because I have no idea where enemies are until they are in the soldier's field of vision. FOV is also a problem because when certain areas are blacked out due to it, you end up moving forward inch by inch just so you don't walk blindly into an ambush.

Soldiers can "level up" but if they get injured during a mission, they are "wounded" and thus force you to take a different, potentially under-leveled, replacement. If a soldier dies, he's gone for good.

I can confirm that line of sight and cover mechanics make very little sense - you can shoot through buildings, rocks, just about anything. Targeting also makes little sense, sometimes things are directly in front of me, but I can't target them. I can also confirm an extremely choppy framerate.

Overall, it just feels incredibly sloppy.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not what I expected it to be but in a good way.

posted by bigpappaw (NICHOLASVILLE, KY) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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I expected something along the lines of Halo meets Mass Effect 3 or something along those lines but nope not even close. Its not even a first person shooter. Its a sort of a.... you know what...I don't know what you call this type of game so I will just explain it a bit. You are in charge of a troop of soldiers and you they don't move a muscle until you tell them to, thats right, you have to tell them or make them move not just move them with the joy stick. You have to click on the spot behind cover as best you can and then they run to that spot and prepare for what ever happens to them next.

Its not a bad game once you get use to it. It is very entertaining watching your guys blow the little aliens away with all sorts of weapons. You even have to capture some alive which can be a hoot let me tell you. you rely get attached to each and every soldier too because you build a relationship with each one of them as you promote them up the ranks and assign them new and awesome abilities unique to that person. You don't have to spend a lot of time tweaking their looks either which I'm sick of doing by the way. Was it Tiger Woods Golf that started that, where everyone would spend 2 days trying to make their player look just like them and it never does but you can't tell them that can you? Nooooo you can not. But this game lets you do the basics, the hair, the facial hair, skin color, but it doesn't go over board with it.

The game is not a free roaming board either its usually just a straight grid with obstacles in the way that you can hide behind. But don't get me wrong they did a very good job with this and it looks great once your in it and rolling along. Its much like a good game of chess / laser tag. Yeh thats it exactly Chess meets Laser Tag, Ha ..I love it. Play it and you will see, it is a good game and worth a look. Just don't do what I did and expect a run and gun because you will be quite upset if you do. It's a thinker.

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posted by Gary_V (KENNESAW, GA) Oct 10, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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When I write this there are two reviews - one is a 9 and one is a 1...I will average them together and give it a 5...people half my age will not even understand why this game was made cause they never seen the original for the PC...the original game was one of the best games I can remember in that period...the original was better than this and I am sure they must have had more budget this time around...the PS3 is certainly more powerful than my PC was back then...unfortunately they did not come close to using the resources in the current hardware...I wanted to like it because it was different but after an hour I am mailing it back

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