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Above Average

Okay, but could be great

posted by illuminaughty78 (GREENSBORO, NC) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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First the bad:

Line of Sight - The aiming and targeting system are just plain bad. You will have aliens shooting from the ground floor of a building through two floors at someone on the roof. You will have instances of shots being fired when there is no line of sight, through solid objects. This is one of the biggest let downs of the game, but could be addressed in a patch. You position your squad tactically only to realize half the time you can be shot at through solid objects. Line of sight needs serious work.

Framerate - Cut scenes and even gameplay can suffer from horrible frame rate. Not to mentiont hat the cut scenes often show your squad members at awkward angles clipping through buildings and such taking shots while facing the wrong way.

Crashes/Freezes/Hard Locks - They happen a little too frequently. Not all the time, but when they do it is VERY annoying.

The Good:

All the above are fixable through patching. It's bad that buggy games in need of patching are the norm on release these days, but on the other hand a few months from now hopefully this will all be patched away.

To old school X-Com'ers:

If you played the original, like I did, this game feels like a prettier, but very dumbed down version of it. To me it is a bit of letdown. It's been stripped of much of what defined the original X-COM to make it more main stream and to cater to the average console player. The original X-COM is better in every way except graphics and ease of interface. It's still a fun game, but for me as a fan of the original, it's a pale imitation of a classic. Still, get the game, and give it a try. It's fun enough, but brings on a desire to dig out the original when you could truly build your own base (and more than one of them) and actually have it invaded.

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GF Rating


Near perfect....

posted by barichristopher (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Oct 25, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game simply blew me away. A friend had told me all about it and I just didn't believe him.
This game is up there with Dragon Age (the 1st one)
Mass Effect series when it comes to originality.

XCOM brought me back to my childhood for a true Strategy game & how its supposed to be all about.The game helps you get established well.But as soon as you think your top dog they creators throw in some nice turn of events.Money isn't something you just want to throw around and the possibilities are endless with each field you goto.Some spots look the same but in actuality aren't the maps boundries change constantly and you definately need to bring your stegic A-game.
Bad specs: Creation is all i can complain about....troops could have been way better.Don't get me wrong you change their name,loadouts,looks...I just felt you should be able to change the gender and place they're from.
rent it and im sure you'll want to own it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

No walk in the park

posted by papaxyang (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA) Oct 13, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Needless to say that the game got bad reviews simply because most people are used to the mindless FPS where you hit the deck raining bullets, and this is not. The game is a turn-based strategy game, its incredible addicting and difficult. The extended tutorial is extremely helpful to see how to properly excavate the game to its full potential. although you literally spend the first half of the game playing catchup for resources and troops, once you get through the fundamentals, the game really kicks off into high gear. Then again, that's just me, maybe for those you pro gamers found it a breeze and just blasted through those aliens, but I still enjoyed being able to command my troops, position them for attack, doing R&D, level up my solders (now 5 to Colonel rank within 6 hours of gameplay), and then ultimately conquering the enemies.

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