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Game of the Year

posted by the89thkey (STUDIO CITY, CA) Nov 14, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

I'm really excited to see that everyone else is excited about this game too. It's so refreshing to have such a satisfying strategic/tactical game. Like another reviewer said, every time you complete a mission, you feel proud, like you lived up to the challenge and got your team to work together...I haven't really felt that satisfied since solving puzzles in Portal. It's a little shocking at first to experience some of the great concepts in this game. It's unpredictable, and characters die, and countries abandon your project...forever! What a concept, permanent death in a game! If you try to exit and reload a game before a mission, it's surprising to see that it's a totally new, but similar map. That chaotic element really adds to the excitement of it all. Great, great game...

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Xcom's a very challengeing and rewarding game

posted by JLNGAMER (PHILIPPI, WV) Nov 12, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Xcom is first off a strategy game I must first very clearly point this out. The decisions you make at the beginning of this game will set the pace and your strategy for the entirety of your game. Now I focused on the armor aspect of the game. I have to say that I think that was an excellent idea because I my battles went much more smoothly because of this. The rules of Xcom are each player on your team gets 2 turns a peice. Those turns can be used to execute a shot, special abilty, or to move. Then it is your enemy's turn, so as you can see you will take damage, now how much you can take is in your hands. I didn't upgade my weapons first so I cann't tell you how hard that route would be. Although by the time I finished, everything was fully upgaded as high as it will go. Incudeing my number of team members, all the facilities I could build, all types of guns, armor, air crafts, a little something in the game called the S.H.O.V.E. This game is all about stratagy and a good decision can change the tide of the game as can a bad one. You have to take your time and make every move very cautiously if your too close to your own guy a bad guy can throw one granade and take you both out. On the other hand if your too far away it could become one guy verses the world, in that scenerio it's not like the movies that guy always loses. The pros of this game are it's diffrent than any other game I've ever played, my closes comparison would be Valkyria Chronicles on PS3, the diffrences being Valkria concentrated on stroy this concentrates on game play and manageing finances in the event of an alien invasion. Another pro would be the game play is really addictive and though the graphics aren't amazeing they do seem to fit the game extremely well. A con would be if you make one wrong move it can cost you to lose every single man on the field. An example is one of my favorite teammates went down so me, being the knight in shineing armor I am, went to save him and lost them both.

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Spoiler Alert: The enemy is extraterrestrial

posted by Izzy_Duzit (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Nov 8, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a unique 3rd person overhead turn-based strategy game that encourages the player to be tactical and think before they make a move. However, the gameplay itself isn't the only crucial aspect of this game. The player assumes the role of commander of the "XCOM Project", an apparent top-secret government agency that gets funded support by a global council to counter an alien invasion on Earth. A large part of the game takes place at the XCOM base (it is divided into several sections to operate from) in which there are a plethora of things to do that affect how you deal with the invasion. You can appoint scientists to perform research projects (depending on what items you retrieve from accomplished missions) such as alien autopsies to help you create useful items like a new weapon. Similarly, you can appoint engineers to perform construction projects to build new items such as satellites. Constructing facilities such as labs and workshops will help increase efficiency in those 2 areas. Another section is the Barracks where you can customize your active soldiers and/or hire new ones. The Hangar is where you can order and customize "interceptors" that help to shoot down nearby UFOs. The final section is the Situation Room where you check the global panic meter and how other countries in the council are fairing. Every 30 days (in game time) there is a council meeting that grades your performance during that time period and that will affect how much currency you will acquire from the council. The main objective of this game is to successfully accomplish any mission you do (i.e. kill all hostile aliens), minimize casualties amongst soldiers & civilians, keep panic meters along with the numer of countries withdrawing from the XCOM Project down. The gameplay is fun but can be frustrating and challenging at times due to movement restrictions, random and unfair enemy actions, lines of sight, and the luck factor with shooting percentages.

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