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posted by Ravynheart (LOUISVILLE, KY) Jun 3, 2013

Member since Oct 2006

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Yes, I know the title is called Enemy UNknown, but the true enemy is the developers. They botched this game in my opinion.

I played the original XCOM on PC way back when. This, is a not very reasonable facsimile of that great game. I have been wanting to play this game since it came out on the 360. Sadly, I did get to play it. There are some good parts, but, not enough for me to justify continuing.

First off, it does have nice graphics, especially in the cut scenes. The micro managing can be very simple if you don't want to mess with too much, or, it can be very very detailed, if that's your style. It's still turn based, just like the original, which is acceptable.

What is not acceptable, is the combat system, set up much like before, but with too many holes that keep the game from being entertaining. If the enemy moves where it can see your character, then steps behind a wall, that enemy can still hit you. Even through a solid concrete wall. It acts as if the wall doesn't even exist. Also, unlike the previous XCOM, when someone falls in combat, you CAN NOT pick up their gear, friend or foe alike. So, if you have a stun gun on one person, and that person falls, you will not be able to use that stun gun for the rest of that combat situation.

I seriously wanted to love this one, but, it just had too many holes that I couldn't overlook.

4 out of 10.

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AI is brutal

posted by Barnhardt1 (MONTAGUE, MI) Dec 28, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

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I really wanted to like this game, but finally gave up after watching the aliens repeatedly kill my soldiers with a single shot over and over. How I could have 5 guys shoot at and miss an alien standing out in the open, then the alien return fire and kill a soldier standing behind a giant rock is beyond me.

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Very Good

The good, the bad and the awesome.

posted by Altesien (KENT, WA) Nov 3, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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Finally, an rts game that is fun. For all the fire emblem and super robot war og fans, this game is for us. The game tends to sway towards itself with hits because I rarely hit the aliens at 45% when they managed to do that practically all the time, another thing I disliked was that when you spot an alien they get a free move, I Shute wished that my guys would get a free move when they were spotted. The best part about this game is the stratagie and how on any difficulty, you still have to be in cover and think about what you need to build in your base and what to research first.

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