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Very Good

Pretty good but gets old after awhile

posted by tonyc4444 (TAMPA, FL) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

First of all, just throwing this out there, this is NOT a Real Time Strategy game like a lot of users keep saying it is. It is a Turn Based Strategy game. Like Civilization with a very different theme.

It's a cool game, and was a lot of fun to play through. I didn't have any of the problems other people have complained about. I played through it once on easy, probably took me about 10 to 15 hours or so and enjoyed myself. I thought the graphics were fine for the type of game it is, the controls were fine, not difficult at all to pick up and use. The game was challenging at points which was fine.

I only have one Gripe. The panic state is ridiculous. Not so much that the soldiers go into a panic and you can't use them next turn, that's fine, cool even, it's the fact that they panic and then shoot their own squad mates. That is RIDICULOUS. I'm sitting there in the alien base that you have to infiltrate, difficult level as it is, one guy gets shot and killed, so another guy freaks out and shoots one of my other guys and kills him, causing another guy to panic and shoot that dude. I went from having 6 people to having 2 people in about 5 seconds and I'm pretty sure I cussed out Firaxis in that moment as I turned the stupid thing off for about an hour.

Other than that, the game was fine. Not exemplary, or life altering in any way, honestly I think it has a low replay value, but it was fun and good for a rent.

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Chess game....with Guns and Lasers!!

posted by Omecks (MOORPARK, CA) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Apr 2005

For some of us gamers we enjoy a game that makes you think, one that demands you to be strategic. A game that holds you accountable for your decisions you make. If you are one of these people then Xcom Enemy Unknown is for you. The game to me feels like a high stake chess game but instead of a knight or pawn, you get lasers and RPGs. It’s hard to explain the game mechanics of this game. On one hand you have a turn base RPG, and on the other you have a Real Time Strategy builder. Both aspects have decisions that need to be made and those decisions really change the outcome of the game. I will not waste time going into the details because on paper the game may sound boring to some, you need to get your hands on this game. Much like me you will start this game with day light outside only to find when you look up much of your life has passed you by….but without the regret.

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XCOMpletely repetative

posted by Bannon9k (BATON ROUGE, LA) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Mar 2007

Maybe this just isn't my type of game. But I found the game to be very repetative. It was extremely fun at first, but the about 2 hours after the tutorial is just got to be rather tedious, slow, and boring. Like chess, but where it takes 3mins for your pieces to move.

If you are into RTS/Strategy, this would be an awesome game for you. If not, skip it... definately skip it.

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