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posted by Krammmit (BROADUS, MT) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

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I rented this game having no clue what it was about. As I started playing the turn based game I realized, I still don't have a clue what I am doing. Into the game I started liking it almost obsessed. Then it got old with only a few missions left. All in all the problems are this, percentage shots. Its a luck game. You have 97% chance of hitting and you don't and you're dead. That is also a benefit of this game. The negatives for this game were this. Its a turn based game but you send your men out and instead of them appearing, they get a turn to move during your move and end up flanking you, but you do not get to move so they kill you. If When you spotted an enemy they just stood there just like you do I would have given this a 9. There are also bugs when you shoot someone. If there are obstacles in your way or an enemy in front of you, your shot will go behind you to hit the guy in front of you. All in all a very decent game. I would rent it first because it isn't for everybody. I was surprised how much I ended up enjoying it. Don't think I will play through twice though. Also, if you can level up your shivs it would be beneficial to you otherwise you will be going through men like crazy. Also, capturing enemies are more beneficial to advance in things like psychic powers. Good information to know BEFORE starting the game. OOh and upgrade satellite EARLY.

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Pretty Good Game

posted by Fledgehole (LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL) Nov 9, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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I will start by saying I am not a turn base fan, but this game held my attention longer than any other. The story was well told and I enjoyed the interjection of cut scenes. The game play was quick and easy to learn for a novice such as myself. I really could not find much wrong with the game except for the growing tired of the turn base strategy itself. Anyone who is a turn base fan though I would imagine would love this game!

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Hardship, Humanity, lets murder E.T.

posted by Xaivy_DShau (OWINGS, MD) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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XCOM is one of those games that comes around ever so often that has enough elements to make it amazing and addictive.... but just not enough to be perfect.


Story - Interesting, not as creative as X-FIles but it gets the job done. Youve got tense world gripping fear motivating you to fight hard and fast. Sometimes the pressure feels overwhelming and nations fall, but you have to push on.

Gameplay - Not quite final fantasy tactics or ogre battle but man does it do tactical combat good. It starts out rough, scrub soldiers throwing theyr corpses at enemy fodder. The difficulty steadilly climbs as you claw your way to having an efficient squad. You grow attached to the sniper, medic, grunt, that leads your team into the fray of an hour long fight. It is glorious! But like in life, there are casualties. Can you reload your save? (i recommend saving often) Yes! But sometimes its not worth it and you have to cope with the loss of a beloved soldier. Also, maps are randomly done so a reload might lead to a harder battlefield with worse vantage points. So when the mission battles ramp up in difficulty, you will struggle and it will feel amazing when you push through, losses and all.


-The game has a tutorial that helps a bit with the learning curve, it doesnt answer everything though.
-Difficulty ramps up about a quarter to half way through, this is due to new enemy types and smarter squad tactics. Also missions huger in scale.
-World terror levels seem like a good motivation but at times it feels like brutal peer pressure.
-You grow attached to a good soldier and when the game inevitably snags and slaughters said soldier...... RAGE!!!! (reload) It happens to another favorite soldier.... >_> (reload) you try again..... RAGE, RAGE, RAGE, VICTORY! Everything turns out right.. Only 2 green soldiers die instead of a favorite this time.

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