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Utterly amazing

posted by somasatori (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 24, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

So, I played the original X-COM series when I was a kid. Many a long nights were spent playing that game, getting frustrated and learning interesting ways to curse at the computer. And while that may not sound like it's a good thing, I would say that the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown captures that accurately.

The game itself shows that turn-based strategy is, indeed, not dead and is also able to make use of the graphics of current generation systems and high definition televisions. There are a few gripes, but those are definitely outweighed by the praise I have for the game itself.

This game is a very faithful adaptation of the original X-COM, and feels very current-day. The old one felt like you were fighting aliens through the eighties (which you sort of were, or at least the early nineties). With the revamp, there are people walking around with tablet computers and it's completely normal. This is what I would expect an underground research lab to look like.

Base management is simple and still challenging at the same time. You want one of everything, of course, but you also need to take into consideration your power needs and your science/workshop needs. So, do you build that brand new psionic training center? Or do you build that thermogenerator power plant - or do you wait until you research something better and build that instead?!

It has unlimited replay potential, on account of the fact that everything is randomly generated; you can start in any continent except Antarctica; and the new DLC coming out makes it even better to replay it all.

My one primary gripe is that I wish there were more maps. Sometimes it gets boring to play the same map over and over again. A good frame of reference for this is Final Fantasy Tactics. The more you play the same map, the more you can anticipate where enemies will be. So, it makes the game easier that way, than being surprised about your surroundings.

Overall, great game, though. Well worth the rent or buy.

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I great Remake of an clasic.

posted by Vance009 (MARION, VA) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

At first i thought this game was going to be an ok console port of one game type that the xbox has never had luck on Stragey games. I love it it works so well on the xbox and the ai is real smart and will rip you a new one on normal. i must say if you never played a tbs this will give you a good start.

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Awesome game, same frustrations?

posted by MThompson88 (OCALA, FL) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

Really reminds me of the original X-COM except on the normal difficulty setting it is much more forgiving. The mind-control tactic is quite lopsided though, as some of my highest ranked units were hugely susceptible to it. Even the original didn't get after me as badly, and it was overall much more difficult. That aside, the upgrades seem to come just when you're having difficulties and the combat is awesome. Nothing like making the wrong moves and losing someone you developed favoritism towards. Play it on Ironman. This is a game meant to punish wrong moves, and to take away that function removes some of the game's appeal. Put it in your Q, now!

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