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Love this game

posted by pokehollow (LUTHERVILLE TIMONIUM, MD) Nov 8, 2013

Member since May 2011

this is by far one of the best games i have ever played xcom is a amazing turn based strategy game i fell in love with its great graphics great gameplay great story didnt play the multiplayer but i hear thats good this game has tech research tech trees for your men as well as customizing everything about your men hair,skin tone,armor decals, stuff like that this game even on easy for my first playthrough was kinda tough because the aliens get tough depending on how good you are like the faster you get some techs the aliens will get more powerful units faster also so the game has some challenge overall this game is epic and amazing i would recommend anyone at least rent it and try it out

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GF Rating

Very Good

Come for the gameplay

posted by SolensSvard (ROSEDALE, MD) Aug 22, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

The simple, yet, highly involved gameplay is extremely entertaining. The story, voice acting and graphics are well below standard. This game earned it's 8 because it is very playable and replayable.

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old school

posted by xboxabrazoom (KNOXVILLE, TN) Jul 4, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Back in the day before graphics were capable of being cool, and when game plots were, there was a genre that kicked buckets. Turn Based Tactical Shooters TBTS
One game like this was Jagged Alliance tho it did not look like much the story and tactical ellements were top notch with zero multiplay elements, that game was one of my favorites.
Xcom is that style of game, but on steroids.
it looks amazing for what it is check for gameplay on youtube. The sounds and music are great, no need to mute anything. the replay value is higher than that of any other tactical game I know of. this is not a point an shoot --this is a sit and think.
You manage a operation that eliminates hostile UFOs and aliens. yes you oversee the tactical aspect of both as you take POWs and interrogate them. You pick what your scientist research, so your engineers can produce the desired weapon or armor, ect
your troops rank up via kills they attain. Thru promotions you pick what upgrade each fighter takes. there are about 5 classes sniper, assault heavy support ect each with set load-outs as recruits you can customize voice first and last name of each troop an even appearance. I can not say any more without becoming a spoiler a must get for strategy/tactics fans.

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