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X-Men: The Official Game


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Almost not worth the DVD media its mastered on...

posted by Tam212 (AURORA, IL) May 25, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

How far the X-Men video game franchise has fallen after a couple of nicely executed and fun to play X-Men games- X-Men Legends I and II:Rise of Apocalypse.

X-Men : The Official game has almost no redeeming quantities. It is not next-gen (XBOX vs. XBOX360 versions are graphically almost indistinguishable) and the game play is simply "whack-gen" button mashing.

How bad is it? Bad enough that I played barely 2 levels before putting it back in the GameFly sleeve. Bad enough that I am almost embarassed it shows up on my 360's Game's Played history.

The only redeeming qualities is a bit of story narrative regarding the events between X-Men 2: X-Men United and the last of the trilogy, X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Nightcrawler's teleport ability leads a bit of entertainment but the bottom line is this game is barely worth the time to rent it.

When will developers and publishers realize piggybacking on the hype of a big Hollywood movie release only works if you can deliver at least "good" gameplay?

EA learned its lesson and is delaying Superman Returns until the Fall... missing its movie tie-in release date. Wonder why didn't Activision.

In my book, X-Men: The Official Game... officially sucks.

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Probably the worst movie game ever made.

posted by ChrisB (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) May 25, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

Wow X-Men, I love X-men. I don't love this game. This is probably the worst game out on XBOX360 to date.

If you want a game that has X-Men characters in it and a game without any substance what-so-ever, that just blatantly rips off 3 other awesome games and tries to horribly pack them into one. Then go ahead and rent it. If you are looking for a quality Marvel X-men game, steer clear of this stink bomb and rent an X-men legends game.

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GF Rating


X-Men: The Official Game

posted by TKDBLSTAKS (LIVERPOOL, NY) May 24, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

The graphics seem to be a little below average. Perhaps this game wasn't designed for the 360. The unchangeable camera angles, when playing as Wolverine, were a little hard to work with. Game play extremely easy!!! Finished it on superhero level in about 15 hours of play time. Cartoon feel to cut scenes was not what I was expecting. Wolverine rocks, as always, and Nightcrawlers teleport attack is very cool.

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