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X-Men: The Official Game

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Also on:Xbox 360, GC, DS, GBA, PS2
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Lets put Hugh Jackman on the cover and steal ur $$

posted by syxx26 (ANNAPOLIS, MD) May 30, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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AHHH, do you smell that? Its summer blockbuster season. Which means that a slew of stink platter tie in games are upon us all. I played, enter The Matrix. I played, and actually beat X-2. ( I totally regret it.) And so my friends, I have taken it upon myself to play through yet another crapfest so that you dont have to. First of all, I had low expectations for this game, and at least activision didnt let me down there. The Wolverine levels suck. Thats all you can really say.By the way, if his claws can cut through anything, why is it that the bad guys in the game can block you with ease? I guess they eat a lot of spinach.Oh did I mention that you have to sheathe your claws in order to use his healing factor? How lame is that? When will game developers make this awesome character a good game? The Nightcrawler levels are amazing though, and that alone makes this game a good rental. The Iceman levels get old after you get bored of ice sliding. So, even for you die hard X-men fans out there. ( And Im one of them.) This game only warrants a rental. Do not buy this, invest your cash in something more valuable, Like stock in Enron. Activision, ju did not rep jur hood, ju do not go home with 1000 dollars cash money.

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Nightcrawler rocked...but that was about it...

posted by cybertuna (KANNAPOLIS, NC) May 24, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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When I rented this game, I didn't have high expectations. What I found was that the game, although lacking in vital areas like length and plot, made up for it in some of the most awesome game play ever with regards to Nightcrawler. He was the shining star of this game, and even if you rent the game for no other reason, you have to rent it for the opportunity to really emulate the way Nightcrawler would actually fight.

Other than that, the game was pretty lame. The enemies were predictable and lacked decent AI. Once you found the trick for beating them, they all became stupidly simple. The only challenging fight was against Sabretooth, but that is not a credit to the game design. Mostly luck and good timing won me that battle. The environments are nice but not great. The graphics of the Sentinels were especially awesome...a real upgrade from the purple and blue of the old comics. Iceman was not very challenging to play and spent all of his time putting out Pyro's fires rather than actually facing off against him. Wolverine was fairly decent up close, but not too agile, which seemed odd. It seemed like more could have been done with his actions, and game play became way too repetitive with him.

All in all, I would recommend it just because they really did Nightcrawler right. He was just plain fun. The fight against Multiple Man was decent, too. However, the rest of the game just isn't worth it, sadly...

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Terrible game

posted by homerun (NASHUA, NH) May 27, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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I loved X-Men legends 1 and 2 but this game was horrible. The gameplay was totally different and the cahracters never seemed to change. The boss fights were a waste of time. The attacks weren't cool at all. The combos didn't go good together. the graphics were terrible. The graphics were at the lowest level compared to the games that are out there now. i was looking for a good x-men game like x-men legends but i found a game that didn't fall into my potential at all. I am a fanatic when it comes to marvel but this game was terrible. i felt like the enemies kept on blocking attacks so I had to do the same move over and over again which almost made me throw the game in the trash.

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