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X-Men: The Official Game


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Also on:Xbox 360, DS, Xbox, GBA, PS2
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Nice Try

posted by SonicWind (EL CAJON, CA) May 21, 2006

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Curious whether this game is good enough or not?
Firstly, this game is short. It took me three days, and only a couple of hours to complete. The graphics aren't all that great but the cutscenes are pretty near, they're static realistic images which makes it almost comic-book like. The story takes place between X3 and X3 and my only interest was to see why Nightcrawler isn't on the third movie.Anyways, there's three playable characters.

Wolverine- I must say, his levels sucked. It's an uninspired beat'em up with basic combos, you don't learn any new combos or cool finishers, just button smash all the way through the levels, you have no real control over the cameras, you can only move it side to side but the camera is placed where it wants it to be. My major complaint is that there's enemies with long weapons, Wolvey, being a close combat guy, gets hurt SIMPLY walking into their long stick weapons, it gets REALLY annoying, because they just stand there and you run into them, getting hurt. Soooo annoying. You're often out numbered and the A.I has a one track mind to kick your butt nothing else.

Ice Man/Bobby- His levels are fun, I enjoyed his levels because you're sliding around, shooting ice-missiles at the enemies and putting out fires. There are two mission types, stay around an area to defend, or move forwards from point A to point B. Moving from point A to point B is the most fun I had with Iceman, because you get to dodge things and shoot stuff along the way.

NightCrawler- He's THE reason to even consider playing this poor game. At first the teleportation seems very limited, but once you learn how to use it well, the battles become really fun. For example, fighting multiple enemies you teleport to one guy, punch him a few times, teleport away onto a pool, teleport back into battle to beat up another guy, rinse and repeat, it's really fun. He is also the platformer guy.

Overall, I barely enjoyed the game, barely. I give this game a 5! It seems they didn't try

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GF Rating

Really Bad

its bull

posted by darkman (MILFORD, PA) Sep 10, 2006

Top Reviewer

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this game was one of the most worst ever made peoples mouths do not move it was just a disaster. it forces you to train instead of the real game no option it was really trevor(really not straight). i think it was a baby game. i seriously think you should rent it before you try to buy it so i think this game needs to get ready to suck it!

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x-men the official game

posted by hiiiii (harriman, NY) May 27, 2006

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this game is really bad i hate movie games the rush them so they can come out before the movie witch really sucks

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