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X-Men Origins: Wolverine


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GF Rating

Very Good

I like it alot

posted by wildbeast2 (PALATKA, FL) Jun 30, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

this game is great i like it alot and so did my dad but it was kinda stort I beat it in three days

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GF Rating

Above Average

x-men origins wolverine

posted by get2david (KELLER, TX) Jun 28, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

I got to ammit that the game itself is fun but the bad thing about the game is that the game is too short and you don't even get to control the camera view. Thats the bad thing especialy when someone is shooting you and you don't even know where its coming from because of the camera view, but there are some good things like when you lunge you have to do the same motion it tells you to do or you'll fall thats ok but overall its an ok game.

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GF Rating


Could have been better, Could have been worse.....

posted by Chucknerd (ABILENE, TX) Jun 27, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

I went into the game not expecting much from a movie game as I do all movie games. I have to say that it fulfilled all my expectations, which were low. The action of wolverine flailing around his claws were good and looked cool. The graphics were LAGGY!!! Very inconvienent cause many deaths from falling off cliffs and falling through ice. The storyline was whats to be expected, followed the movie, Thanks! The voices and script sounded like all of them were from one actor and were written the day before it rolled out. The bad guys were far too simple and exactally the same. The music was suspensfull and somewhat nerve racking but hey people are trying to kill you the whole game so thats ok. Upgrades were neat but memorizing all the moves were difficult for myself so I just button crunch and look at him flip, slash and gut everyone so that was good enough for me. Though every wolverine game where he can get killed mearly from fighting is kind of skewing his Bio but hey what would be the point in playing a game if your unstoppable, (see every Superman game for that) The waggle actions could have been better. Fury was very usefull against mini bosses and groups of big guys. Feral Senses were like whatever take it or leave it, except with "cloaked" guys which were rare. The button matching sequences were a pain in the butt because you die instantly and have to start all over. SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!The ending with Deadpool lacked much in intensity and difficulty, on top of that the ending was horrible too. Like i said you know as much as i do that movie games are a guilty pleasure so if your a Wolverine enthusiast and have a few hours a day to burn please play!

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