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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition


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A great rental

posted by Bl4ck3n3d (ARMAGH, PA) Jul 30, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

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This game is exactly why I have GameFly. It is a fun game to play and a great, great rental. However, you can beat in easily within a week and there isn't enough content to justify a $60 purchase.

Playing as Wolverine is fun. The fighting in the game is very well done and it is a blast. It is modeled a little bit after God of War and in no way is that a bad thing to me. The beserks are awesome and the fighting system can be more than just a button masher if you want it to be. Also, there are unlocks and challenges so there is enough to warrant playing through more than once. Graphically it's another Unreal 3 game so it's what you expect from a game using that engine (not as good as UT3 but, not ugly).

It is kind of short. I beat it in about 11 hours the first time through and the next time was much shorter since most of the length comes from either solving puzzles or fighting, with some of the fights basically boiling down to figuring out how to kill the boss. Also, it can be a bit repetitive but, most games are and it's not so repetitive I felt like quitting out of boredom.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game and highly recommend a rental. To me there isn't enough content to justify a purchase but, it is a really fun game if you are into the genre.

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A Great Rental Game

posted by kingdeej (GLENSIDE, PA) Oct 21, 2009

Member since May 2009

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

If you like fighting systems like that you might see in Devil May Cry or Onimusha, then you might want to check this out. But this game is definitely a rental game. Unless you only play once and awhile, then you might want to save your money. If you're a full time gamer, then you'll finish this game in a week.

For those who are not fans of the games I mentioned, this game might get repetitive for you.

For a gamer like myself, it was a awesome hack and slash fiesta. It was a blast running around, using the claws to the best of their abilities. The special attacks, while I wished they had a few more, only added to the fun. The ability to use your surroundings to finish offer your enemy is an added plus (i.e. decapitating a goon on the forks of a fork lift, awesome).

And don't mistake this for simply a movie game. It doesn't just rush through the plot from the film. While the movie plot does exist in the game, there is much more story to it and includes mutants from the X-Men community not in the movie. The story behind the jungle aspect in the film is dug much deeper into, and my personal favorite, you get to fight the Blob in a grocery store.

I also enjoy the choice of character costumes, which you can change at any time. Your Wolverine doesn't always have to look like Hugh Jackman. Heck, you can make him look like the original red and yellow Wolverine if you want.

While the controls can be annoying sometimes (especially jumping from one place to another) and the ending seems very rushed, this is definitely a great rental game. If you have a open week and you want a game you can enjoy a lot but rush through quick, check it out.

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Shiny claws fun but tarnish in time

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) May 4, 2009

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"X-men Origins: Wolverine", the inevitable movie tie in game, has clawed its way onto the PS3 consoles. And in a pleasant surprise, it doesn't suck like most movie tie in games ( "Iron Man", I'm looking at you). As a matter a fact, it's quite fun to play, and Wolverine gets to dole out some good ol' fashioned mayhem in all its bloody M-rated glory. Giving the more mature rating allowed our favorite mutant to stay closer to his vicious comic book roots. Combat is satisfying, mapping things to three face buttons, making combat easy to access. As the game progresses more combos are unlocked, so it never quite turns into just over-simplified button mashing. The Lunge attack is especially useful for reaching distant enemies. Cut scenes are beautifully rendered, and the in game graphics are fairly good, even if they're not extraordinary. The game goes beyond the movie in its storyline, taking Logan on flashbacks to a mission in Africa. The action is fast and furious, and you're sure to get a smile when the screen goes into slow motion, as you watch Wolvie's claws shred his adversaries. So why only a 7? Well, because the combat, fun though it is, never changes. Large enemies ALL follow the same pattern to beat- Dodge, leap on back, slash, repeat. The platforming and puzzle sections where Wolverine turns into Lara Croft for "Mutant Tomb Raider' segments can be frustrating. Not because the puzzles are hard, but because twitchy controls can lead to cheap deaths. So the game is 70% fun, 30% frustration. For this reason I recommend that this be a rental more so than a buy, as the game takes roughly 12-15 hours to complete, with no real reason to revisit. The shiny claws may tarnish over time, but at least the game's good, bloody fun while it lasts.

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