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X-Men: Next Dimension


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Also on:PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

119 ratings

Gameplay Controls

X-Men: Next Dimension

Control Stick 8-way movement
Control Pad Back: Move character back/block; Forward: MOve character forward; Tap Down: Sidestep into the foreground; Up and Hold: Jump; Tap Up: Sidestep into the background; Down and Hold: Crouch
A Button Punch 2
B Button Punch 1
X Button Kick 2
Y Button Kick 1
Z Button Power Transfer
L Button Throw; Initiate object interaction
C Stick Single Tap Up: Start flying; Double Tap Down: Stop flying
Start/Pause Pause Menu
Combo #1 R Button + Control Pad: Back - Counters kicks; Forward - Counters punches; Down - Counters low attacks