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X-Men Legends


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Also on:PS2, GC
GF Rating

1895 ratings

Gameplay Controls

X-Men Legends

Directional Pad Change Hero
Left Thumbstick Move Character
Right Thumbstick Camera Control
A Button Punch
B Button Smash. B Button Twice = Knockback.
X Button Use. Pick Up. Throw (Use With Left Thumbstick to Throw Enemies).
Y Button Jump. Special (Double Tap Activates Ice Tracks, Magma Tracks, Double Jump, Colossus Charge and Flight).
White Button Use Energy Pack
Black Button Use Health Pack
Left Trigger Call Allies
Right Trigger Superpower Selector. Right Trigger + A Button = Mutant Power 1. Right Trigger + B Button = Mutant Power 2. Right Trigger + X Button = Mutant Power 3. Right Trigger + Y Button = Xtreme Power.
Start Pause
Back Team I nformation
Combo #1 A Button + A Button + A Button = Triple Hit
Combo #2 B Button + B Button = Knockback
Combo #3 A Button + A Button + B Button = Pop Up
Combo #4 A Button + B Button + A Button = Trip
Combo #5 B Button + A Button + B Button + B Button = Stun