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Also on:PS2, GC
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat Sentinels

Choose Wolverine (at a high level) and run behind the Sentinel. Choose the Brutal Slash attack and repeat it until the Sentinel falls.


Have Colossus get Bands Of The Gladiator and Legend Smash. Two hits will drop them.


Use Nightcrawler's Teleporting Frenzy to defeat the sentinels' mad easy.

Extra health and energy

When you receive a new course in the Danger Room, do not complete it. Instead, fail as much as possible. Every time you do the course, you will receive health packs, energy packs, armor, etc.

Leveling all characters to level 45

Near the end of the game on Asteroid M is a Danger Room disk with the course \"Challenge: Legends\". If you play this course, you get the item \"Mask of Xorn\". This item allows you to use your mutant powers without using energy. Give it to Jean Grey, and she\'s basically unstoppable now. Play the challenge again, and in the first room, destroy all three power thingys -- then kill that morlock lady that comes, then kill Sabertooth and Juggernaught (you know the drill)... then just go to town with Jean killing everything in sight with her powers, but don\'t destroy the last power thingy in the far edge of the map, just kill enemies for the full 5 minutes -- this will allow you to rampage and combo your way to about 40 MILLION EXPERIENCE POINTS every time you play the mission.