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X-Men Legends

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Also on:Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

520 ratings

Gameplay Controls

X-Men Legends

Control Stick Move Character
Control Pad Change Hero
A Button Punch
B Button Smash. Knockback.
X Button Use. Pick Up. Throw (Use With Control Stick to Throw Enemies).
Y Button Jump. Special (Double Tap Activates Ice Tracks, Magma Tracks, Double Jump, Colossus Charge and Flight).
Z Button Use Health Pack. Z Button + X Button = Use Energy Pack.
L Button Call Allies
R Button Superpower Selector. R Button + A Button = Mutant Power 1. R Button + B Button = Mutant Power 2. R Button + X Button = Mutant Power 3. R Button + Y Button = Xtreme Power.
C Stick Camera Control
Start/Pause Character Selection
Combo #1 A Button + A Button + A Button = Triple Hit
Combo #2 B Button + B Button = Knockback
Combo #3 A Button + A Button + B Button = Pop Up
Combo #4 A Button + B Button + A Button = Trip
Combo #5 B Button + A Button + B Button + B Button = Stun