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X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse


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Also on:PS2, Xbox, GC
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Alternate costumes:

Alternate costumes: Some characters begin the game with some alternate costumes available: Bishop: 70's Costume Colossus: Xtreme Costume 2 Cyclops: Xtreme Costume 2 Jean Grey: Dark Phoenix Costume Juggernaut: Original Costume Magneto: Ultimate Non-Helmet Costume (starting costume without helmet) Nightcrawler: Xtreme Costume 2 Rogue: Coat Costume Scarlet Witch: 70's Costume Storm: 70's Costume Sunfire: 70's Costume Toad: Brown Costume Wolverine: Ultimate Costume

The Secret Characters already have the following costumes available:

Deadpool: Unmasked Costume Iron Man: 2099's Costume, Age of Apocalypse Costume Professor X: Shadow World Costume (the same from X-Men Legends)