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Also on:Xbox 360, DS, PS3
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Destiny won’t help this game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 1, 2011

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If you’re going to give players a chance to play an X-Men title, then most players will want to play as one of the X-Men: Woverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Rogue, and so on.
But X-Men Destiny doesn’t do that. Instead, you are given one of three new characters to pick from, and which type of power they have (they range from shooting energy to powerful punches)
Along the way, you can pick up other abilities, like create walls, toss energy bombs, or make a shockwave.
This sounds pretty good on the surface, except when the gameplay starts, I found myself mashing the basic attack button to beat up the enemies. The controls for the added abilities are cumbersome and annoying.
And the game starts off with a lot of talking and cut scenes (which comprise of really bad looking comic panels). Here, you’ll have to listen to a bunch of people yap about mutants, people, and the war between them. The lack of action will test players’ patience to the point where some will give up and send the game back.
What will further test players’ patience is the camera – it moves about far too much and makes boss battles very hard. It’s easy to lose sight of the boss as he or she moves about the fighting area, and when I try to find the boss, I get blindsided by a cheap shot. X-Men Destiny needs a manual lock on in the worst possible way.
The payoff for all of these irritations is the ability to choose your destiny. But it makes no difference which side (X-Men or Magneto) you are on; you play the same levels and beat up mostly the same guys going through the levels. I found very little excitement in any of the stories told in this game.
X-Men Destiny for the Wii tries to follow the path of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but it fails at almost every turn. SKIP IT.

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Just Not Fun to Play

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Nov 13, 2011

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This game is intended to be a beat 'em up adventure (think God of War, for instance), but it is really just spoiled by a sub-par fighting system. Your choice of moves is very limited, and the controls make it a pain in the butt to do anything but push A a lot. The camera is difficult to rotate and good luck using any mutant powers you acquire more than occasionally. Pair this with the fact that the game seems to have no redeeming features (mediocre story, graphics, sound, etc.) and you're just left with a bad experience.

The bottom line is that a beat 'em up game lives and dies based on whether the fighting system is intuitive and fun. In this game it is boring and tedious. Fail.

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A not so brilliant 'Destiny'

posted by Emperorflood88 (SEILING, OK) Sep 30, 2011

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I am fully aware that not all games are created equal. A game for Xbox360 and PS3 will be ten times better (usually) then it's Wii counterpart. But this doesn't make it any less gratifying knowing that you are walking into something that the company spent less then ten hours to make just to please it's other fans. X-Men Destiny is a fantastic game, and shouldn't have been treated as a mere waste of time on the Wii. The controls were dumpy and slow, the graphics were subpar at best, and the plot was so watered down that it made the whole point of the game (being able to shape one's destiny to create some epic game and ending) moot. I know I shouldn't be disappointed at this point, but there are some games where the Wii has risen to the occasion to show up it's counter parts (MadWorld, Smash Bros, Any Virtual Console game, No More Heroes, etc). Disappointed, I supposed, doesn't begin to scratch the surface on X-Men Destiny Wii. If you're going to play, make sure you have a 360 or PS3, otherwise don't waste the money or the rental period.

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