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So bad, it's bad

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Oct 9, 2011

Member since Nov 2007

Level 4 - One room. You beat a robot, save a hero, beat 50 bad guys. Climb a building, rescue another hero, beat 50 bad guys. Start back on the ground. Beat 50 bad guys, have to climb the same building, rescue someone else. Beat 50 bad guys. Everyone but you is trapped. Start back on the ground, beat 50 bad guys. Unlock the room where everyone is trapped. Beat another 50 bad guys, then face a three stage boss, with no help... and if you die, you have to start the boss all over.

Oh did I mention any extras you get from the beginning of level 4 are lost, if you die... at any point. Which means you have to start from the beginning if you want the actually get the items you spend 5 minutes each working on.

This game is not well designed. The repetitiveness and glitches make it not fun. There are better games to play.

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Playing this fun game

posted by Exhausity (EAST HARTFORD, CT) Oct 9, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Its a fun game and i would recommend it to anyone that wants to play X-Men: Destiny

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Better than I expected...

posted by GoDawgz (RISING FAWN, GA) Oct 6, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

So I rented X-Men:Destiny the other day. I was hopeing they did at least a decent job on it, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. While the graphics wern't all that great (almost last gen in my opinion) they could have been going for a comic/artsy theme, and they didn't really distract too much from the game. The story was decent and believable in the X-Men universe.
You can pick between 3 different characters, each with unique back stories, and then assign them one of three different power sets. Body density, shadow, and energy projection. I tried the shadow and energy projection and I liked the shadow powers better, but they also felt more powerful. You can also asign different x-genes you find throughout the game and these give you additional powers, add health, or various other quirks. You can find different suits to wear, but I didn't care for this aspect because aside from the X-Men suit the others were suits worn by other characters in the game. While the suits also give you different boosts, I felt dumb running around looking like a cheap Wolverine.
Overall it was a fun game, and short enough that I went through it twice. Once making my character join the X-Men and the second time around I joined the Brotherhood. Aside from a couple of dialog changes and 2 unique challenges for each faction, there wasn't any difference in the story or outcome. If there is a second game like this, I'd like them to explore the consequeces of your actions more.

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