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X-Men: Destiny


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GF Rating


4 Hours???

posted by racoonsurvivor (HIGH RIDGE, MO) Oct 20, 2011

Member since May 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

okay so this game is not as horrible as I feared, I am a long time X men fan and not just the super hero side, I am a fan of all of the social points this series makes about difference and how being different effects people. Now Destiny has a little of that, the new x-men powers are kinda cool, and mixing them with passive abilities that the x men we all know to make yurself whatever kind of hero you want is a nice feature. However as soon as this game starts to really grow on you and you get your final and coolest ability, the end. There is a new game plus mode, but I beat the game on the hardest difficulty my first time through and the challenge was not that high, not to mention all character interaction is unskipable, so if you beat this game in a day(an easy feat) then you get to watch every single person say the exact same thing tomorrow. Even the different choices between X men and brotherhood pretty much lead to the same conclusion, the only real difference is who is the person talking to you at end game.
All and all the game is kinda ugly, glitchy at times, way to short, and nothing original. The controls work pretty well, but the gameplay is repetitive and lacks any imagination. This game shines in its sounds, lots of classic sound effects and the music is kind of cool. Worth a rent for die hard x men fans but I cannot recommend it to any one else

Story 5/10
Graphics 4/10
Sound 6/10
Controls 7/10
gameplay 5/10

P.S. How did they get Milo Ventimiglia(From Heroes) on this?

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GF Rating

Really Bad

x out the destiny

posted by tjbigblue (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Oct 21, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I was looking forward to playing this game and I was very disappointed. Now I must say I did not complete the game b4 I sent it back but that was because I couldnt take it anymore. I've played X-Men Legends 1&2 as well as Ultimate Alliance 1&2 and this game is not up to par with those 4 games. The game play was not challenging and the story line was pathetic. I was expecting to be able to choose between good and bad and fight along side the x-men or brotherhood but the game let me down. You are allowed to choose your powers to an extent and choose missions for the x-men or brotherhood but its not as exciting as it sounds.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun-filled with Replay value

posted by Cas (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Oct 17, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game shares the play style of Marvel ultimate alliance. The story is good with a couple plot twists that make you want to play through a second time just to see what happens and to try different powers with your character.

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