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Could be better

posted by fatNfurious (HOUSTON, TX) Oct 6, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I played the game twice with two different characters to see the story line. It was not that great still. The game is okay kind of like prince of persia. Moving and hoping from scaffolds and using powers. I expect it be more like iNfamous 2, but it is not free roam and not as good. They should of made it like iNfamous 1 or 2. I say play if you are a Xmen fan, but if not dont.

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Destiny isnt Achieved nor reached !!!

posted by whatnow12012 (NEWPORT, TN) Oct 5, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Destiny had so much potential they had the right ideas the right direction. But sadly this X-Men game didnt reach its Destiny of becoming a big time AAA game.

This game would have been more epic if you could have created your own mutant instead of using 3 Generic Rookie mutants.

The real Gem of Destiny is the Powers the way you can upgrade is very simple to use and get the hang of.

Sadly the downfall of Destiny is the fact you can only play the game 2 Times without it becoming repetitive.

The game dosent change that much either when you use the other characters other than the beginning of the game.

The thing with Destiny it was a very rushed game only taking about 9 months of devolopment time when it should have taken about 12 to 14 months.

The characters didnt bother me but I didnt care to much for the classic Retro suits some looked awesome such as Gambit, Emma Frost, Magneto and Wolverine.

They are only 2 endings with Destiny one for Brotherhood and the other is the X-Men. Neither ending has much diffrence.

Sadly Destiny is also a very short game and is a renter at best only taking anywhere from 2 to 5hrs at most to beat.

I got this game cause I am a harcore X-Men Fan and I thought this game would be a fun and new twist in the X-Men universe. sadly Destiny had the right stuff going but they should have left Destiny cooking more and listened to Fan input to make this game reach its Destiny.

Overall 3.5 out of 5 or a 6. 5 out of 10.

X-Men Destiny is an excellent choice for a good renter but I repeat do not buy this game at full price such as I did.

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Really Bad

one of the worst xmen game ever

posted by MRshaytoon (SUNLAND, CA) Oct 5, 2011

Member since Jul 2003

this game was absolutely horrible. the controls are janky. the delay in load times, menu selection, item selection etc is ridic. for a game that asks to install data on hd and still be that slow is really horrible. were in the year 2011, let me rephrase, were almost in 2012 and this game made me feel like i just bought a PS2. yes, ps2, the graphics are horrible. outdated. clunky. the game is fast paced and should run under 4 hours to beat. that tells you right there that the developer didnt care a bit to make this a golden marvel game. who ever is at fault here for not funding this game more to make it better than it could have should be slapped in the face. the whole choosing your destiny and powers thing was cool thats why this game had potential but just died before it even arose. the outfits were ridic. they didnt make them customized to where you dont look exactly like wolverine when youre talking to him. they shouldve let you put your twist on it. the outfits for the other characters couldve been better. anyways. marvel ultimate alliance was a better game. ya thats a button smasher like this but it was so much cleaner and more fluid compared to this. like srsly marvel get your acts straight...batman arkham city? thats gonna be huge. yall need to compete.

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