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It is your destiny to be disappointed....

posted by IllogicalJ (BROOKLYN, NY) Sep 30, 2011

Member since May 2005

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Mike Carey's a terrific and dark comic book writer, and Silicon Knights have produced some envelope-pushing games, from the bloody good Legacy of Kain to the groundbreaking Eternal Darkness. Their collaboration here, however, is a cheap game, akin to the little-known Fantastic Four film from 1994 which was created simply to maintain the rights to the licensed property.

Aside from extremely outdated graphics and laughably second-tier voice acting, the gameplay itself is awful -- a beat-em up with a heavy and light attack, neither of which appear to work in tandem with the sluggish dodge or wonky jump buttons. You can "modify" your character by equipping X-Genes, and you can level these up with experience earned from the traditional "orbs" you collect from enemies and side-missions, but even when blatantly borrowing from, say, God of War (the original), it's still a step backward.

There are also tons of unforgivable design issues: challenge missions can be undertaken only once, X-Genes are "hidden" down forkable paths that you cannot return to collect if you've explored the other path first, and dialogue cannot be skipped or sped-up (especially troubling for replay as one of the other three characters, or if you're attempting to retry a level). This, coupled with an auto-save, locks you into a frustratingly linear game -- one that's as easy (on the hardest difficulty!) as it is short.

Such a release is shamefully derivative and unoriginal, particularly in the age of Batman: Arkham City and Spider-Man: Edge of Time. It's still better than the unforgivable Superman 64, but that's a pretty dubious honor and about as backhanded as I can get.

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The developers should be ashamed of themselves.

posted by Xolitz (ANAHEIM, CA) Dec 27, 2011

Member since Dec 2006

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There is clearly a story written by someone who knows the Xmen cannon and then it was developed by a bunch of morons who not only dont know who the xmen are but they clearly have no idea what a combat system is, what powers do or what one expects when they level up and progress a character. All you do is hit a couple buttons throughout the game. There is no strategy there is no figuring out which powers best compliment each other you just smash buttons until you get a cutscene asking if you think "Xmen are Awsome" or "The Brotherhood is Cool" Honestly this is just a flat out attempt by activision to steal peoples money by wrapping drog droppings in a box and calling it a game.

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Disapointing and clunky and bad graphics

posted by Deadpoet (CORONA, CA) Sep 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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So here we are, another Xmen game. Lets start out with this, wolverine was way better. I haven't been satisfied with any of the xmen games that have released in years. Best ones were on sega. I love marvel, h.e double hockey sticks i have a huge collection of comics and marvel cards. This isnt marvel. The jock look like a buff fat baby, the girl looks stereo typical japenese fan girl and the other guy looks like he belongs to the K/K/K which is i guess the point. The audio and story are pretty much the same no matter who you choose. the bosses are clunky. I jus bout gave up on the guy that changes 3 times into something super ugly. Id like to point out that ODing on mutant juice doesnt do that. The minions are repetive. The only reasoin to rent this game is that rage doesnt come out for a few more days and skyrim is a good month away. This is mockery of the xmen franchise.

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