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Activision, stick with Tony Hawk

posted by Cazz (OCEANSIDE, CA) Sep 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Let me just start off by saying I am a X-men fan. To finally play a role in the mutant filled universe was a dream come true. Let's just say, that dream was shattered. I've grown to have a disliking for Activision as well seeing how they don't really take creating a game serious, or so it seems. It is as if this game was intended to adolescents who are fresh into the phase of gaming. And on to the 'review"

Graphics: 3
It was completely horrible and made it kinda hard to get into the game from the get-go. Felt like I was back on my gamecube for a minute. Characters looked stiff and scenery is most likely unattentionally cartoony.

Voice-acting: 5
Another thing that made this game hard to play. Sounds like amatuers trying way to hard to the point where it just sounded corny with false sense of emotion.

Gameplay: 4
I will admit. I like the whole concept that you are able to choose. From being a loyal X-man or kin of The Brotherhood. You get to choose your power and upgrade them; even choose how you upgrade them. Also that you get to chat with some of the characters you love from the comics. That's probably the only "pros" to be said. Otherwise... Beyond boring action. And when you fight it feels as if your not even laying a punch on them, that they just fly back for no reason. Even though I have not beaten the game, nor do I have the will to, It's only about 4 hours long, give or take.

Music: 2
Very very very bland. Don't really have much to explain about it due to that very fact. One other factor that made the game boring

All in all, Marvel Mutie fans, do not expect much from this game. Hopefully Marvel will get the hint in funding more into their games and get an actual good company to make their games. If DC can do it with Arkham Asylum, you guys can do it too.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Hmm... Still worth playing

posted by JahSoulSun (LINDENWOLD, NJ) Sep 30, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Yeah, this game was sub par for the normal standards of games like Infamous 2. The graphics were terrible, looking like a launch title of this generations systems. Very bland textures. It moved a little choppy like the other reviews said.
However, if you are a big Xmen fan, I think its still worth the play through. The format of the game/story is descent. :You start as one of three humans who get their mutant power during a big explosive event (kind of similar to the very beginning of the original infamous. You can actually choose from three different power sets. Through out the game as the story and your character develop, so do your powers. Through out the game you have to make good evil decisions which will taylor your ending. I liked the fact that I felt like a superhero in this game. Taking on 20 guys at a time with ease and getting that indestructible feeling was a good time for me. Boss fights were good, feeling kind of Zelda like, pulling away from the typical hack and slash the game is, and forcing players to find weaknesses though puzzles in the environment.
Don't get me wrong, this game COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE. But if your waiting for the big titles, and your Q is getting thin, and you are a big X-men fan, I think its a good rental. Descent story kept me playing, and I beat the game in two days on normal level. (Too short to buy)
I think the important thing to remember when renting this is its a average game. The only real appeal is the X-Men universe, its characters, and its story. The plot generally feels like it is taking place shortly after the 3rd movie as Professor X is dead, and there is a split between mutant groups and the fight for humanity that comes about because of it.

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Waste of a weekend

posted by betterthen (BRONX, NY) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

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This game is completely garbage. I got it on Thursday and I returned it on Thursday without completing the second "level". The graphics are terrible, the storyline is trash, the voice overs are very generic. Its 2011 and with games like assassin creed and gears of war out there why would activision ok this game? I wont get another game till next week.

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