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Very Good

A little bad, A little good

posted by Firehawk87 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Aug 14, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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Well, this game has rather good graphics. I don't know what everyone is complaing about. I mean if you have a next-gen console then you should also have a 1080p big screen tv with HDMI interface. I found the graphics to be very awesome and really bright.
The gameplay and the storyline isnt that great. For one, at times you just wish you could advance to the next level. There are times that you have to battle monsters that fly and you can't get much energy/mana/w.e and when that happens just click R1 or w.e you have as the shoot button and keep moving. I just wish that the movement of the character was a bit better because at times its hard to jump and control ayumi. I will say that some of the monsters are a pain. Such as those stupid tri-legged things. Urgh they aggrivated me. Also I would suggest that you buy all of the upgrades you can before you defeat the dark knight in the temple. I'd suggest that you rent it before you buy it. Also idk how they do it but the people who beat it in six hours are insane. I have yet to defeat it and I played it for 10-12 hours. If you want a good game with good graphics and is long and has a better gameplay. you can't go wrong with Fallout3. Btw I will say that for a video game character Ayumi is rather hot. I mean her clothing leaves practically nothing to the imagination. Btw it is rather repetitive.

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Needs to go back to the drawing boad

posted by Hazardpay (TUCSON, AZ) Feb 16, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

13 out of 16 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

For people that like a good story this is not the game for you. If you like decisive action, also not for you. If you like replay value, also not for you. If you want easy trophies, well son come on down! Despite the advertised 20 hours of gameplay, this this game is relatively quick and easy. Played through on hard and I got about 75% of the trophies in one sitting(about 6 hours of play). The action is nice. I like having full control of the camera and a quick and simple targeting system. Although, the targeting is not automatic, which means when you are trying to dispatch flying monsters the ground ones get in the way and can be annoying. I think this nuisance may have been intended. Best part of the game was the integration of magic and the fast pace combat. There are gonna be long fights where you face hundreds of monsters but in rapid spawns not all at once. I think this game utilized that well as to not slow down gameplay with tons of them on the screen at once. I love the gunplay and magic and melee. Specifically, you have gunblades. This makes it fun cuz they have combos later on that integrate the gun feature in melee combat. Worst part of the game is the color. The red sky with clying elementals and flaming swords nearly burned the retinas out of my eyes. The graphics are gorgeous and the voice acting not to mention writing is horrid, but overall worst part of the game is looking at it, and the best part is not part of gaming it's the trophies. Hope this was helpful.

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What a disappointment!

posted by HardBoiled (TARZANA, CA) Feb 15, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2007

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X-Blades is a game you can completely ignore. The idea is good on paper, but was translated poorly. There are so many things wrong with this game, I am surprised that it made it to the assembly line and shipped out. You play a feisty adventuress in search of treasure. You armed with a set of pistols and a pair of swords. Along the way you gain magic powers and can upgrade your set of weapons to dish out more damage and look cool eliminating the baddies. You can switch from blades to guns with the press of a button and its all done seamlessly. The gameplay is ok, think of devil may cry meets tomb raider, but made for 10 year olds. Yes the game is very easy and doesn't take to long to finish. The gameplay itself gets a bit hectic when you are battling many enemies on screen, but you have a variety of ways to deal with them. When they die, you collect their souls which you use to purchase new spells, etc. What makes this game fall below average is how its all handled. The camera needs to be constantly adjusted, causing you to move frantically around the level, while fighting dozens of enemies at a time. The enemies are automatically targeted when you face them, but having to move around so much makes this feature useless. The controls are very loose and have no level of sensitivity you can adjust. Button mashers will rejoice as this game requires no strategy whatsoever. Me? I prefer something more structured allowing me a little time to decide how to get rid of my enemy. The enemies themselves are your standard fare of things that crawl to things that fly to things that roar. After a while you will get bored at fighting hordes and hordes of the same enemies. I have to say that the anime cut scenes are great and the graphics are competently done. The music is a mix of techno beats and bad rock music. Overall, this game could have been much better. Rent before committing to buy.

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