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GF Rating


Fairly freakin awful

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Feb 18, 2009

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There is very little that is good about this game. You're thinking "hot chick with swords" but not so much. More like cell shaded graphics oversaturated with poor color choices (I am not a fan of pink, salmon, rose, etc. that seems to litter the battlefields and cut scenes) obscuring all but the most obvious of thong details. In otherwords, she's not that hot. The game doesn't play much better.

Each level has a red meter on the bottom of it and your job in each arena (level is a bit too kind of a word for the circular areas you can run around in) is to make the red meter tick away. This takes the form of beating the hoot out of something and this is where the game really starts to have problems. Take the rock, paper, scissors ananlogy and apply it to blades, magic and guns with the various enemies and you can start to see the problems. Every enemy needs to be dispatched in a unique way without any guide from the game at all- just start trying out your abilities and see what eventually works. Often, ridiculous combinations are needed just to inflict any damage at all. This disrupts any sense of flow of an action game and almost makes it feel like a bad RPG.

Then there's the poor hit detection, the floating one foot off the ground, hovering defenseless for seconds as a jump is executed poorly or the awful double jump that actually slows you down when you land for using it. You can float in enemies, still taking damage, or get hit over and over by animations timed perfectly to mess you up. In fact, there are so many more bad things about this game, but for room's sake I'll stop. If it didn't "work" I would have rated it lower. Can't recommend.

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GF Rating


It could have been great!

posted by Trade34 (SEATTLE, WA) Feb 17, 2009

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10 out of 13 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

Well first this game is a bad clone of DMC has collision detection problems....bad voice acting no story worth playing for and pretty much has nothing going for it...... the good stuff is the potential that this game could have been a really great game. they should have sit on it for another 6 months polishing it and got rid of the DMC and made it more like an action rpg. The reason I didn't rate it lower is because they put forth an effort and the potential is still there. maybe next run ehhh!

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GF Rating


A decent hack and slash with some flaws.

posted by keithkmc (REVERE, MA) Feb 15, 2009

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Gameplay: This game is fun for the first few levels, and then you are caught in repetition.Most of the combat is annoying rather than fun.Some enemies can only be killed one or two ways.You'll be pressing the X button a LOT.There aren't many combos with the blades which should be the base of the game.An unpolished version of Devil May Cry at best, but the combat isn't as fluid if you want to use blades,the pistol, and magic.Jumping is unresponsive in this game and sometimes double-jump just doesn't work!(yeah i've fallen down a cliff because of this)

Audio: Probably the best part of the game. Soundtracks vary from heavy rock to asian themed to opera and overall really help entertain you while fighting the same monsters over and over again. Sound effects for blades/pistol/spells aren't very spectacular.

Video: Pretty nice scenery, however that also gets repetitive.Feels like you are fighting in the same areas over and over again.Lot of framerate issues and my xbox also froze during a cutscene. If there are a lot of enemies on screen expect some major framerate drops and skips.

Overall: A nice rental to pass a day or two. About 10 hours of gameplay if you want to gain all the upgrades. Easy achievement points and loads of monsters to hack away at. Storyline is a joke and so is the dialogue (especially when you first meet the male fighter).

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