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Uh..this game is great..if you knew what to expect

posted by HTownBalla (AUSTIN, TX) May 17, 2013

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Kind of chuckling at the poor reviews of this game. A) It's a Wii game B) based on a Disney movie...exactly WHAT were you expecting?

Realizing a head of time that this was a movie based video game from Disney I have to say it was actually BETTER than I expected. My 7 year old was able to play it by herself basically with minimal help from me on some parts so that was a plus that it was easy for her to play. She was thoroughly entertained and I mean seriously, it is a kids game. If as an adult I'm looking for a hardcore experience game wise this isn't the game I'm playing nor the system. That's what my 360 is for.

The movie was awesome and the game is just as good if you take it for what it is. Reviews are funny. I hope people don't really decide whether or not to make decisions based solely on reviews.

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This game is a total Wreck

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 6, 2012

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I thought that a game based on a movie based on video games would make for a great video game, but that’s not the case for Wreck it Ralph, the game (this is for the Wii version)
In this game, you play as both Ralph and Felix – you swap between the two in order to use their special abilities to bypass the obstacles and beat up some green bugs.
There are 12 2D platforming levels and four boss fights in the game, good for about two to three hours worth of playing (which is short for the genre).
However, the levels lack in creativity – I was beating up the same bugs in each of the platforming levels and doing the same jumps, fixings, and wrecking as well. This game should have had the option of two players – one as Felix and the other as Ralph – teaming up to take on the levels together.
The boss fights are a mixed bag. The one in Fix it Felix Jr. is really bland, the others are a bit better, and the last one is somewhat fun.
But the unlockables show that same lack of imagination that made up the 12 platforming levels. You get up to twelve really crudely drawn pictures of the main good guys and gals in the movie. And there’s no real incentive to grab the 12 Hero Duty medals hidden in those 12 platforming levels, either.
After that, there’s an option to play the game at a harder level, but that just makes me play the same repetitive levels all over again. I was hoping for 4 player mini games of the games featured in the movie: Fix it Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush. But nope, that option’s left out.
Even at a small price tag of $30, Wreck it Ralph, the game, falls far short of being a good game. It even falls short of being an average game. SKIP IT.

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posted by Freeze17 (KUNA, ID) Nov 22, 2012

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The concept of this game was great, but poorly executed. The controls are poor and it is difficult to get the characters to do what you need them to do to complete the tasks. This game probably would have been better on the 8 bit NES. I was thoroughly disappointed.

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