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Wrath Unleashed

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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

230 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Wrath Unleashed

Directional Pad Move camera and cursor/Move selected character (press in)
Left Thumbstick Move camera and cursor/Move selected character (press in)
Right Thumbstick Move camera
A Button Select highlighted creature
B Button Cancel action/exit menu
X Button Use gates
Y Button Toggle help menu
White Button Pass turn
Black Button Toggle top-down map
Left Trigger Zoom camera out
Right Trigger Zoom camera in
Start Pause/access options

Left Thumbstick Move creature
A Button Light melee attack
B Button Light magic attack
X Button Heavy melee attack
Y Button Heavy magic attack
Left Trigger Special magic attack
Right Trigger Block/strafe
Start Pause

Left Thumbstick Move cursor
A Button Select highlighted creature and switch back to World Map
B Button Toggle World Map mode
X Button After selecting hex, press to see creatures within attack range
Y Button Toggle help menu
Black Button Toggle World Map mode
Right Trigger Zoom in camera
Start Pause


Tutorial: Play through the game tutorial (in the Start Menu) to learn everything you need to know about the campaign and strategy battles.

Game Reference:
In campaign missions and battle games, a thorough Help menu is available from the world map. Press Y Button, then A Button to activate the Help menu. Consult it often to get a complete understanding of everything you need to know to be victorious!

Movement Range:
On the World Map, when you want to move a creature, you can move it anywhere within the highlighted area, with the following conditions:
1) A creature can't end its turn in a hex occupied by a friendly creature.
2) If a creature ends a turn in a hex that an enemy creature is already occupying, you will move to the Arena Combat screen. The winner will return the the original World Map hex.
3) Walking creatures have to go around all other creatures and can't cross over gaps.
4) Flying creatures can move over all other creatures except enemy Sentinels, and also may not cross gaps.
5) Teleporting creatures can cross Sentinel Barriers, cross gaps and move through all other creatures.
6) Sentinels have a special power known as the Sentinel Barrier. Enemies must end their turn when they move into a hex next to a sentinel. So, enemies must use two turns to attack a Sentinel - one turn to move to an adjacent hex, another turn to move into the Sentinel's hex and attack.