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Wrath Unleashed

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Above Average

Fun, For A Bit...................

posted by Myself234 (CLEARFIELD, UT) Oct 18, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Well, when first seeing the previews for this game, I thought it would be WAY cooler than it was when I actually played it, first, the tutorial went through the gameplay, EXCEPT for the fighting part, which would be the coolest part, WELL IT IS, but I couldn't figure out how to do much, moves-wise, without one hitting my way through the battles, or dying, because the frantic button pressing that works with most fighting games, very rarely brought a cool special move or a win for that matter, I went through the first couple levels, and wasn't THAT impressed, I was more annoyed of playing it, than in awe of this cool new Risk-Like Fighting Game, to add to that, it's kinda annoying, figuring out all of the land weaknesses and strengths, of all the races, and keeping up with them. The ease of game-play, wasn't, I like to be able to KNOW the basics, and not JUST the bare minimum of basics, which is all this game helps you out with, Don't get me wrong, this game would be FANTASTIC, IF the game tutored you on how to use the different characters, but it doesn't, and thats what killed the game for me, it made it NOT AS FUN AS IT COULD HAVE BEEN, and it's not even the turn based thing, I love turn based games, if they're done right, Heroes for example, anyways, I hope this is helpful,


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Very Good

Very interesting

posted by incredible (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 27, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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This game may not meet all standards that r expected now a days, the maps arent exciting basically a chess board with mountains but the gameplay is amazing demanding that you use ure brain in this as well as your skills fighting. The main story is okay and only takes an hour or so to get thru all 4 stories but all in all if u have some friends to play against this is an amazing game, definitly rent it for your sef to say your own oppinion. This game is after all very interesting, like chess but the chess pieces can fight for their lifes.

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posted by 1karma1 (EL CAJON, CA) Jun 28, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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wrath unleashed is interesting, but gets boring pretty fast. The gameboards are ummm......... yes..... boring. But, the fighting aspect of the games is actually pretty fun. If you rent this game, i suggest skipping right past the strategy part, and hitting the versus mode. The character play, and design are both impressive, but the game boards are plain and 2d. The versus match levels are fun, and full of traps and stuff. If this game look s interesting to you, I would definately suggest renting it, but be warned its RENTAL ONLY!!!!!!!

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