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Worms: A Space Oddity

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poor usability makes the worms sad

posted by jenlarkin (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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I love the old Worms games; they induce mad scientist laughter and that's always good. I had high hopes for this version but it just doesn't lend itself to my TV or the Wii controller.

I have a 30 inch TV. The worms were so small that even if I zoomed in, I couldn't tell which worm was which. They allow you to pick the color of your worm, the worm's hat, and the worm's victory dance but the worms themselves were so small that the only one of those details that I could see was the worm color. Sometimes even that was hard to make out. Despite the tininess of the worms (and like older versions), the board doesn't all fit on the screen at once.

But it has a zoom and pan controls, right? That should fix both of those problems, right? That's where the Wii controller problems come in. The firing angle control was fine but the throw power was a bit forced. I liked the power controls much better when I found the ability to test the trajectory (throw without letting up on the trigger). But it was irritating to adjust the power, since you had to start from scratch with the level after each test throw. Still, that's a small problem.

The real problem was the pan and zoom functions. Half the time they didn't respond. When they did respond, half the time they went the opposite direction. It usually took me 30 seconds to get the camera in the right place-- then if I did a test throw, the camera position reset and I had to spend another 30 seconds getting it back in place. Sometimes I would get the camera stuck in a useless place and had to do a test throw to reset it.

I love blowing up my friends and I love exploding sheep and I love games that make me yell out "BWAHAHAHA!" This game has all of those things and it was still so unusable that I gave up after a couple of hours. I'm gonna go sulk now.

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Middle of the road game

posted by mav1976 (MASSILLON, OH) Jul 12, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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This game was OK. I have played games in the "Worms" series in the past, and found no major differences here (e.g. tools, graphics). The only difference was a somewhat counter-intuitive adaption to the Wii remote. To use certain tools you have to do different things with the remote. Some make sense and others don't. While it does give you directions on how to use the tool on the bottom of the screen, it takes too much time to read it and therefore takes away from the precious time you have to make your move against the opponent. So, like I said, it's a "middle of the road" kind of game...just OK.

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Above Average

Its Fun

posted by ThanatosAz (LAKE ARIEL, PA) Apr 8, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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The game is very entertaining. The weapon are funny. The environments are a bit basic, but overall I like this it reminds me of a very old dos based game i used to play.

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