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Worms: A Space Oddity

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posted by cratchless (MANCHESTER, NY) Apr 3, 2008

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OK so i've been playing worms for over ten years meow and was looking forward to this game coming out. I had heard they scrapped the online play. OK so be it i wasn't going to play online anyway. That being said, I got the game and the controls, although it took me 5 mins to get used to it, were surprisingly easy to master. I like how they made this a wii game. Nice and fun. BUT...
I do have more complaints than praises. First thing I noticed was the worms move too slow! It's like they're all on slow mode and it's much harder to maneuver. After that i began thinkin man there sure aren't very many weapons to choose from. So, thinkin i have to unlock this stuff i go play through the entire story mode in about 2 hours. Super easy stuff, but... no unlocking weapons. So i beat the game in no time... boring. Only like half the weapons as past worms games...boring. Even the customization of worms was kinda low end. You can pick different hats that you can barely see and different worm colors. Woopidy doo. Anyhoo, this game was a complete disappointment even before it came out. It's like I rented the demo and i'm waiting for the real thing. All these problems seem easily fixable, maybe next version of worms for wii will be better. I'd still rather go play it on the ps2.

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Worms fans will enjoy

posted by jdsampson (APACHE JUNCTION, AZ) Mar 18, 2008

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If you have played worms in the past and enjoyed it you will love this one as well. It brings the old gameplay with a new twist and I must say that it is improved. Using the wimote makes destroying the other peoples worms even funner. So definetly try this out if you enjoy a good worm duel to the death with your friends

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Big Let Down

posted by Reidja (CLEAR LAKE, IA) Jul 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

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I look forward to every Worms release and I am a fan of the series. It had its quirks but Worms 3D still managed to win me over with its decidedly fun multiplayer gameplay. This is a great game to be played with friends. Seeing as the Wii is a great console for parties, I had high hopes for A Space Oddity. It took me about 20 minutes before I could get accustomed to the wonky controls, win some games, and enjoy myself. Don't frustrate yourself and your friends. Pass this one up and hope the next one gets it right.

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