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World Tour Soccer '06


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GF Rating

34 ratings

Gameplay Controls

World Tour Soccer '06

X Button Ground Pass. Head Pass/Shot (While Ball is in Air).
Triangle Button Through Balls
Square Button Shoot. High Shot (Hold). Head Pass/Shot (While Ball is in Air). Chip Shot.
Circle Button Flighted Pass. Long Flighted Pass (Hold). Cross Ball. Deeper Cross (Hold).
R Button Knock Ahead Dribble
Analog stick Move
Combo #1 X, Triangle = One-Two Return Pass. Give and Go.
Combo #2 X, Circle = One-Two Flighted Return Pass. Flighted Give and Go.
Combo #3 L + X = Step Over
Combo #4 L + Square = Shimmy
Combo #5 L + Circle = Spin Feint
Combo #6 L + Triangle = Deliberate Dive

X Button Change Controlled Player
Triangle Button Call for Goalkeeper Charge
Square Button Sliding Tackle
Circle Button Block Tackle
L Button Call for Tackle (Hold)

X Button Throw/Roll Ball Out
Triangle Button Drop Ball
Square Button Kick Ball Long
Circle Button Kick Ball Long