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GF Rating


From perfect through balls to precise finishing..

posted by Tarek8 (GRANADA HILLS, CA) Apr 25, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

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Guys..this is the most realistic games i have ever played, and in my opinion blows fifa out of the water. As said in the title, from perfect through balls to precise finishing it has ridiculous realism to it. Different techniques in dribbling, making a run to the net hoping to cut back and finish in the upper right corner of the net, these things are possible if demanded. Compared to any other soccer game, "WE9" has every aspect of game play covered. I highly recommend this game, although it may take 1 or 2 games to get the controls down, its all worth it to make the players on the field do what YOU want them to do. In fact this game is definitely one that takes the game of soccer outside the box, because of all team and player control that you are given, its a game that really can test a persons soccer IQ and "skill" as well. What i love most about this game is that, you could get Jose Mourinho (chelsea manager) to sit down and start playing this game, and his intelligence can actually effect the way the game is played by players. Because of these tactical and strategical influences that you can change to your liking, it makes your chances of winning that much better!

Thank you for your time boys..

-Tarek Fattal
Los Angeles, CA

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The Perfect Soccer game

posted by Aestro (BEAVERTON, OR) Jul 2, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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Winning Eleven 9 was my introduction to the series as well as being my first pro soccer game, and I was blown away. The selection of teams is outstanding (and contrary to the review of another user, Arsenal IS in there, although Manchester United is indeed replaced with Man Red due to EA having exclusive liscences on some teams in FIFA), the graphics and audio are both solid, and the controls are spot-on.

Those who complain about the difficult controls most likely did not play the game for any extended period of time, as they play with a sense of realism rather than an arcade feel - players don't just start and stop on a dime, but instead are carried by momentum as a real person running would. Passes follow as the ball would be kicked, and maneuvering the ball to or away from others just FEELS natural.

My only major complaint was that the difficult does ramp up RAPIDLY, being nearly unplayable beyond two of the five stars. Of course, since it is adjustable, the game is quite enjoyable on one star for beginners, and two for your average player.

This game is extremely in-depth. Each player has a spreadsheet worth of statistics which affect performance, and player development, management, formation adjustment, and everything else in the soccer world makes for an overall engulfing experience.

Rent this game. Then buy it.

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Great Game

posted by Ronaldinho (MIAMI, FL) May 25, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I've e been playing WE franchise since WE5, so i'm used to the controls. To me there is no Comparison to FIFA, winning eleven blows it out of the water, the only thing that i really think would make this game a lot better is licensing, you have to know a lot about soccer to know the unlicensed teams or players. once you get used to the shooting this game is tons of fun. it is totally customizable, you can change the way individual players defend or attack, you can change your formation or put players specifically where you want them. the master league has a lot of depth as to how you control your team, and if you get bored of playing the com. you can always go online and battle others from around the world. great game and the WE franchise is only getting better and better.

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