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World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International


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European All-Stars team

Play as a European team and win the International Cup.

World All-Stars team

By winning the International League.

Bonus players

By winning the master league to unlock new players that can be signed. REMEMBER: This can be done up to three times for more players. Also, complete all the training challenges.

Edit team call names

By winning the Konami Umbro Cup with club teams and in a round robin type tournament to unlock the "Edit Team Call Names" option in the "Edit Club Team" screen.

France Classic team

Play as France and win the European Cup.

England Classic team

Play as England and win the European Cup.

Holland Classic team

Play as Holland and win the European Cup.

Germany Classic team

Play as Germany and win the European Cup.

Brazil Classic team

Play as Brazil and win the American Cup.

Argentina Classic team

Play as Argentina and win the American Cup.


You can perform straight-forward passes, through balls, long balls, and shots with a single depression of a specific button. By pushing L1 in conjunction with these buttons you open up a new set of moves (one-two passes, lofted through balls, early crosses, and through shots) Pressing the long ball button when you are in your opponents penalty area will automatically send a cross in on goal. Pushing R1 and X together will send your player to an opponents quickly. Pushing X will send over a player (to an opponent with a ball), then pushing square will send another computer-controlled player towards the ball.

Gameplay Hints)

Don't hold onto the ball too long or the defender will pick your pockets. Setting up your shots with a lot of passes will help prospective gamers put the ball in the net. Breakaways are rare, especially in higher difficulties. Aggressive play will usually result in penalties.

Italy Classic team

Play as Italy and win the European Cup.